Business Research Problem Analysis

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  • Published : April 24, 2007
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In this paper, we will attempt to research how freight costs can be reduced. We will evaluate three possible outcomes as well as create an operational definition of the research problem. We will identify the constructs for the operational definition and point out the benchmarks used for measurements. The outcomes will be compared to the operational definition. An outline for addressing or finding a solution will also be included.

Evaluate three possible outcomes to your research problem
In most companies today, freight expenses eat into bottom line profits. Shell spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually shipping material around the world using different methods. Shell wants to reduce these costs. By doing the research, there is the possibility of finding different carriers that are less expensive than current carriers. We could also find out that there are not any ways to lesson the expense. Thirdly, Shell could find out there is a price hike coming soon due to gas prices.

Identify the constructs for the operational definition of your selected problem
We will create data spreadsheets using Excel and then drive three scenarios by using functions easily accessible in Excel.

Identify the benchmarks used to measure the constructs
The benchmarks used are comparing current freight carrier rates listed in our data currently charged to SHELL. We will also use other "New" carriers and ask for freight quotes.

Compare your expected outcomes to your operational definition In comparing the outcomes, of course, Shell would like to reduce freight cost by entertaining other parcel carriers. Shipping material by boat from China would be less expensive than air freighting it in to the states. If it turns out that the cost cannot be reduced in any form or fashion, SHELL will continue to budget accordingly. If in fact higher costs would impact SHELL in the near future, we would need to factor that cost into the supply chain...
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