Business Research Paper Res/351

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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Business Research Paper RES/351
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Business Research Paper
The main research question that was clarified while working for the Marriott was is raising costs effective in business development in today’s economy? This question is extremely important in the hospitality industry due to the amount of return clients and needing to continuously be at 100% occupancy to meet monthly quotas. When proposing the research for raising costs, the company had to review last year’s numbers, complaints, and many other factors in order to not lose business with the change that potentially was going to take affect. At the same time one has to take into account the quality of service offered in the hotel and the quality of guests that Marriott is reaching out to. During the designing the research project step, Marriott came up with many different ways to keep the loyal customers satisfied to compensate for the rise in costs, some ways included free nights, free upgrades to suites, and free food/beverage items upon arrival. While collecting data through questionnaire’s, surveys and the changes in bookkeeping Marriott found that it would not be difficult to prepare for upcoming changes such updating furniture, newly remodeling certain areas of the hotel such as turning the Starbucks’s coffee stand in to a complete food/beverage bistro. Data analysis and interpretation is the most important step in the property management and hospitality industry. This is a process that takes a large amount of research, applying statistical techniques and most important looking for patterns, both good and bad. When managing a business the main goal is to generate more profit than the previous year and to expand business in every way possible. After interpreting all the changes that a company has decided one must then report the results of the changes that have been implemented, whether the changes are successful or have failed miserably. One may...
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