Business Research Methods Ii

Topics: Sampling, Sample, Sample size Pages: 4 (1490 words) Published: July 18, 2010
Business Research Methods II
Currently Kellogg trails its competitors in successful new product launches. Gaining insight into the consumer decision process for purchasing and trying new cereal or snack items will clarify the course of action the organization needs to take. Most importantly, Team C must determine what provokes consumers to purchase a new cereal or snack item and continue to repurchase them. Before reviewing the process of Team C’s sampling description. Five questions must be answered before designing the sampling process. First, what is the target population? Second, what are the parameters of interest? Third, what is the sampling frame? Fourth, what is the appropriate sampling method? Fifth, what size sample is needed? (Cooper, Schnider, 2006, page 409). Once these questions are answered a conclusion to the survey can be dissected. First, our target populations are grocery shoppers. The survey included questions about Kellogg cookies, cereal, and snack items which consisted of basic questions that focus on family size, income, ethnicity, grocery visits to the market, average grocery bill, the influence and purchase of cookies and snack items, the use of coupons, and who the products are for. The format also included questions with optional answers. Second, the interest was based on families who purchase cookies, cereal, and other snack items of interest which includes children and adults. Third, the sampling frame for this project is price point, consumers who purchases items on display, consumers who use coupons, the type of advertising used to lure customers and on-line services. Fourth, the best method to figure out what makes a consumer purchase cookies, cereal, and snack items is to find out why or what makes a family purchase these products. The chances of purchasing Kellogg products may be due to coupons, taste, price or being a repeat customer. In any case, a researcher must follow guidelines such as interviewers or others cannot...
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