Business Research Methods

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  • Published : April 13, 2012
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Develop the management-research question hierarchy
Develop the management-research question hierarchy (refer to the readings in Chapter 3 for background and the Exhibits), citing management dilemma, management question, and research question(s) for each of the following: a) The production manager of a shoe factory.

b) The president of a home health care services firm.
c) The retail advertising manager of a major metropolitan newspaper. Intro
The management-research question hierarchy process is the process of developing a series of questions that leads from the dilemma to defining measurement questions.   The management question is a restatement of the dilemma in a question format such as: 1.     Why is the company experiencing lack of growth?

2.     What has changed internally/externally to cause a lack of growth? Now that the management question has been defined then the second question in the hierarchy to define is the research question which is a hypothesis that focuses the researcher's attention on the objective.  The objective for a company experiencing lack of growth would be to discover why the business has ceased to grow.  The production manager of a shoe factory:

Management dilemma:
~The company needs to use American made products in their design and creation of their shoes Management question:
~How can the company use more American made products in our shoes? Research questions:
~Are there American-made good quality products we can use?
~Does the use of these products affect our cost?
~What is the production effect by using these products?
The president of a home health care services firm.
Management dilemma: 
~ Higher employee liability insurance.
~ Recent Spike in work related injuries.
Management question: 
~ Should clients’ services be increased to cover the increase in employee liability insurance? ~ What should be done to lower or eliminate the recent spike in work related injuries? Research question: 

~ Should quotes...
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