Business Research Methods

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Business Research Methods
Define the distinctions between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources in a secondary search
A primary source is one that is original. An example of a primary source is the recently published results of a new study. Primary sources are the work of the only the author. When using a primary source, it is usually contemporary with the research being examined. A primary source is without interpretation. Examples of secondary sources would include newspaper articles, newscasts, or encyclopedias. Secondary sources are considered one step removed from primary sources. The can contain opinions. When researching a topic in a bibliography or index it represents a secondary source. Using this secondary source can reveal data relevant to the research. Researches can find new primary data in that manner. This enables the researcher to find primary data within secondary or tertiary source. * Explain how internal data-mining techniques differ from a literature search

A literature search can be done on the Internet. Data mining is the finding of knowledge from corporate database or stored in a data warehouse. Researchers use data mining to determine patterns from information that is known to be valid in relation to a particular research topic. Data mining information is an internal source. The information can be a simple database or large enough to require data warehousing. This information can be searched for information to resolve questions from management. In contrast, the literature search is external searching for data. A literature search acquires data similar to the intended research. The literature search provides additional information about the topic to be studied. Data-mining has access to specific information on the intended research topic. Data mining will normally provide a better understanding of the researched issue.

What problems of secondary data quality must researchers face? Secondary data...
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