Business Research Applications

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Business Research Applications
Research within any organizational setting is critical to success in today’s business world. Research not only provides company leaders with the opportunity to seek out information and knowledge, but it is also the backbone of any well thought out project. Whether or not a venture starts out as a research project, research will most likely play a major role before the idea is seen through to fruition. The following pages with explore some of the various ways in which the research process is utilized within Flagstaff Medical Center’s Emergency Department. This process will be analyzed and suggestions will be given regarding how it can be used more effectively. Current areas of research will be detailed and areas in which more research may be needed will be discussed. How Research is used at Flagstaff Medical Center

The activity of research plays a large role in the daily operational and strategic processes in the Emergency Department at Flagstaff Medical Center. Research and sound reasoning is used in a variety of ways and completed by many people within the organization. According to Cooper and Schindler “competent researchers and astute managers alike practice thinking habits that reflect sound reasoning—finding correct premises, testing the connections between their facts and assumptions, making claims based on adequate evidence” (Cooper & Schindler, 2006, pp. 2-3). This describes the stance taken at Flagstaff Medical Center. Right now a future expansion project is being researched and information is being presented to the emergency department management team in an effort to properly identify the areas in modification that would bring about the greatest increase in productivity and efficiency. No new equipment, procedures, processes, or stock is purchased or implemented without first being researched and justified. New hires are also subjected to investigation and are analyzed to determine their chances of connecting well in the current organizational culture. As issues or problems arise, they are also exposed to research focused on pinpointing the root cause of the issue and formulating a plan of resolution. No employee evaluation is completed within Flagstaff Medical Center without the employee’s past successes, shortcomings, and accomplishments being scrutinized through the research process. These are only a handful of ways in which research is used within this organization. Each of these will be discussed further in the pages to follow. Current Research Detailed

Expansion project. Because of the high volume of patients that routinely come to Flagstaff Medical Center’s Emergency Department seeking medical treatment, an expansion is being seriously considered. The Emergency Department Director is heading this project up. An outside research consultant is being used to gather information and data that is pertinent to this project and to present this research to the management team. Further research ensues, as the management team then attempts to discover the most effective and efficient ways to expand the emergency department and to modify what currently exists. Equipment and stock. As mentioned, all types of equipment and stock items must be thoroughly researched prior to a purchase request being approved by senior management. The manager or director of the department that wishes to make the purchase generally conducts this research. Research of products may be done in a number of ways. One way that is routinely used to investigate the product is through an online search. This often yields a variety of data and information related to the object, including at times, product reviews by those who have purchased the same item. The website of the company that produces the item is frequently visited and usually contains a wealth of information about the product. Contact information gathered from the company’s website can also be used to set up face-to-face...
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