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A cross-sectional study of the impact of consumer disposable income on revenue’s of fast food restaurants located in close proximity of educational institutions


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Our research is concerned with the different factors affecting revenue of fast food restaurant located in close proximity of educational institutions. The purpose of the research is to study how exactly consumers disposable income impact the fast food restaurants revenue. For conducting the research, the sample of data has been taken from students; teachers and administrators of two colleges say Bangalore Management Academy and CRM IMS. The results reveal that restaurants make much profit on school days and less profit when closed because the success of the restaurants depends on consumer’s disposable income. INTRODUCTION


A fast food is a food that can be cooked and served very quickly sold in restaurant. We noticed in the last decade, a growth of fast food restaurants in India as Indian eating-out habit has considerably increased. This phenomenon is also observed where we could daily see a flux of adolescent and youngest population and that places are nothing but nearby educational institutions. The targeted customers are mostly students, teachers, administrators and people located in close proximity to educational institutions and the aim of the restaurants owners is to make profit, maximize and sustain their revenue. However it exist a relationship between restaurant’s location, revenue, and consumers disposable income. PROBLEM STATEMENT

Although, building a fast food nearby educational institutions is the most suitable way to get many customers and make more profit but this also can have bad side effect because it is not taking in consideration of some factors like consumer’s income, and schools days.

Variation of consumer’s disposable income impact the revenue of fast food restaurants located in close proximity of educational institutions. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY
This proposed research will determine the factors affecting educational institutions’ proximity fast food restaurants revenue. STATEMENT OF THE QUESTIONS
What are the students and school administrators eating-out habits? What are their disposable incomes? How do their spend it?
In what way consumer’s disposable income affects the educational institution proximity fast food’s revenue? SCOPE AND LIMITATION
The scopes of this research are the fast food restaurants located in close proximity to educational institutions. The limitations of the research are the restaurants that are not reachable by the educational institutional members which are allowed to participate in the research.



One of the rising businesses that have become a considerable phenomenon in India is fast food restaurant. Caused by Indian eating out habit that becoming very popular, fast food restaurants is also slated to growth approximately by 20% per year (Gaurav Marya, 2012). Fast foods business have been such that they continuously changing along with the time and life style changing and they get adapted to immigration, travel as well as socio-economic environment (Kittler and Sucher, 1995). However, in order to attract customers, fast food restaurants afford different foods at different prices according to consumer’s income and eating habit. The restaurateurs have a clear understanding of the customer’s perceptions (Sundaram et al., 1997) as...
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