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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Assignment 2

BUS 642: Business Research
Prof. Ruizhen Hardin
September 17, 2012

• What are the most prudent decisions she can make about her responsibilities to herself and others?

o One of the foremost concerns is the right of the participants to be safeguarded. Among the many concerns to be safeguarded is the right of privacy. In addition, the document was in draft form so the conclusions and data included in the document would not be accurate or reliable as the data or facts may change. Although she obtained information through unintended research, the privacy of the participant in this case should be protected and the document should be turned in to the airline.

• What are the implications of those decisions even if there is no violation of law or regulation?

o The implications are that if she were to use the information to her advantage as the document was in draft form she would be potentially exposing her company to liability due to misinformation or breech of privacy.

• Distinguish between the following:

o A.Exploratory and formal studies tend toward loose structures with the objective of discovering future research tasks. The immediate purpose of exploration is usually to develop hypotheses or questions for further research. The formal study begins where the exploration leaves off. It begins with a hypothesis or research question and involves precise procedures and data source specifications. The goal of a formal research design is to test the hypotheses or answer the research questions posed.

o B.Experimental and ex post facto research designs. These describe the researcher’s ability to control the variables in a study. Experimental means the researcher has full control over the variables and ex post facto he does not.

o C.Descriptive and causal studies. If the research is concerned with the who, what, when and where and how much of the matter it is descriptive. If the research is...