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Topics: Federal government of the United States, Independent agencies of the United States government, Agency Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Current Events in Business Research
Rafael Caraballo
17 December 2012

This essay will review the company work procedure that my agency has enacted. I will describe how General Services Administration functions. I will explain briefly the studies done at General Services Administration on product procurements.General Services Administration looks at is location. General Services Administration has to decide which site is better suited for establishing a depot to run a Federal Government installation. General Services Administration is empowered by the Federal Government to run any property suited for government business. When agencies need some type of product General Services Administration supplies it. General Services Administration biggest customer is the U.S. Military. General Services Administration mission is to serve and cater to the governments every need. General Services Administration provides its customers with product needed to successfully accomplish its mission. The procurement process examines the needs and wants that different government agencies need and procures the products necessary to run a particular government agency. Management has to sift through thousands of different products and determine which are suitable for selling. In the case of the military the procurement officers of the military tell General Services Administration what they need to accomplish their objectives in the theater of operation. Does General Services Administration carry those products and if they do not can they get a hold of them. Does the General Services Administration have the space needed to keep in stock the products needed to support government agencies? Is management at General Services Administration doing everything necessarily to make a quality decision on what products have to be shipped out to meet mission first needs and make certain that the contractor’s identifying information is correctly placed on the...
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