Business Research

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Current Events in Business Research
Kenneth Machol
RES 351
March 19, 2012
Amanda Scott

Current Events in Business Research
Business Research is the process of planning and designing and analyzing data information so that when manager has to make a decision for his or her organization they will get the maximal performance possible. There is a lot involved in the research process and you have to take every possible step to insure you get the best results for the company. In business research managers must also makes sure they apply high ethical and moral standards and also you have to safe guard against mental or physical harm that might affect the employees. Research requires lots of information so that when you’re ready to make the important decisions you will succeed. When I worked for the navy there was a lot of research that I had to do in order for me to make sure my work got done. I had to research confidential documents so that when the drafters in the designing department needed a certain drawing I had all the information ready for them to use and that they could design the ship. I had to make sure the design was right and that they were doing the right ship for that project. If I gave them the wrong figures the project would not be done on time and the results would have been a disaster. When you work for a government agency you have to make sure that your ethical and moral standards come first because the integrity of the company is at stake. I would not want to be blamed for not be a person that has high ethical standards or morals I took pride in my work and for the company. There were many times that I had to go and research materials online so that they could be ordered and the parts could be sent to me and then I could give them to the builders this was a very important job and the company I worked for built these ships for the Navy so that if war ever came up we were ready to send these ships overseas and be battle ready. So...
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