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Topics: Funeral, Embalming, Funeral home Pages: 10 (2318 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Clotilde Hills, Dakit, Bogo City, Cebu, 6010 Philippines

Some Proposals

Salundaga, Nerissa M.
Velez, Charisse S.


We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the following people for without them this study wouldn’t be possible.
First and foremost, Almighty Father for guiding us always and giving us the courage to possibly makes this.
To our parents and family for the financial and emotional support.
To Mr. Jessie R. Agunod (Chapel Manager) and Mr. Jan Ridomer Ramos (Embalmer) of St. Peter Memorial Chapels/ St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. for giving us their time and chance to conduct interview for this study.

And of course, to our Professor, Dr. Hubert Quinones for the pointers, support and the encouragements to accomplish this study.
And to all we don’t mention but contributed idea and cooperation for this study.
To all of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! God bless…

C.S. Velez
N. M. Salundaga


* Introduction
* Theoretical Framework
* Research Flow
* Statement of the Problem
* Significance of the Study
* Scope and Limitations
* Research Methodology
* Research environment
* Research subject
* Research instrument
* Data Collection

* Definition of the Terms


“Embalming is one of the richest jobs a man can have”-this is what other says to the funeral organizations, in the case that their services are never losing. Every second of a time many children are born, but every second of a time can be a man’s last breath and every man’s last breath can be a future to other. Nobody lives eternity. We will all face death.

Why is it that there are funeral organizations? Because they are needed by every one of us. They are the only one who knew how to preserve a dead body for a few days or anytime needed. Some families of the dead want these services for their own reasons. Let us find in this study the profile of funeral services, and on how they operate the kind of business.

This study, FUNERAL SERVICES IN BOGO CITY: Some Proposals is created for educational purposes as one of the requirements in our subject, Business Research 1.It contains some proposals about the funeral services in Bogo Cit, Cebu. We conducted research over funeral organization that is a family corporation which aims for the development and success of their organization as well as satisfying their clients through their services.

Anybody can read this research especially those who are interested about funeral services in Bogo City, Cebu particularly the St. Peter Memorial Chapels.

Theoretical framework

“When a person dies in the Philippines, Christian Filipinos –such as Catholics that include the tagalong people- generally hold a wake known as lamay or paglalamay, a vigil that typically lasts for five to seven nights, but may last longer if the surviving family is waiting for someone who will be traveling from afar. During this time, the cleaned and embalmed body of the dead, place in coffin is displayed in a house of deceased or at the funeral home. The exhibited casket of the departed is traditionally surrounded by funeral lights, a guest registry book, a contribution box, and flowers. Family members, relatives, and acquaintances participate in the vigil. Apart from offering condolences, the participants, guests and viewers of the departed provide financial donations (the abuloy) to help defray funeral and burial cost. Food and warm drinks are customarily served during the nightly vigil. Typically activities conducted outside or near the vigil area include singing, guitar playing, and gambling- such as playing card games- to pass the time and to keep awake.”...
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