Business Requirements: Background, Business Opportunity, and Customer Needs

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Chapter 1: Business Requirements
1.1 Background, Business Opportunity and Customer Needs. Background
As a sort of view, Enrolment is the contractual relationship between the Administration and the student. The Administration is given a power to deal with rules and regulations in accordance with its system of discipline and guidance. A student is admitted with prior knowledge of understanding that he/she and his/her parents must agree to comply rules and regulations given by the Administration.

The researcher looks forward for the things that would contribute greatly to the client. About the system that Sta. Maria Agro Industrial High School will be benefited in a way that it will lessen their works. This institution is under the government properties so everything process manually that they do not have time to look for the things that can help them to improve the involved transactions in their school. They are more in academic development that they enhance student’s technological capability.

So the researcher was able to come up with a Automated Enrolment System, one of the reason is because they really have a large number of student which is very hard to handle and assist, then it’s a big thing.

In order for them to enrol, the student must submit a particular request such as Form 1.38 they will be assessed to the assigned faculties. Then after it was validated, sectioning is next to it depending on the students’ general average.

The system include the record of the student such Academic, Basic and Behavioural Information. It will be use encoding record of new or old student, where they can only be updating it easily. The Institutional mission and vision can also be display depends on the administrator’s choice, and then the Good Moral and Registration Form can be printed.

In the students record involved the function of saving, deleting, adding, and especially searching for the specific student. The admin will only have to do encode for the...
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