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Analytical report – March 2013|
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents1
Executive Summary2
Company overview2
Tesco’s main values2
Risks concerning Tesco’s performance- Product Safety2

Company Profile – Tesco, 31 January, 2013

Report for : Senior Management
Executive Summary

This report gives a detailed description of one of the biggest retailers- Tesco. It provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective profitability and financial stability. Currently Tesco is operating in 14 different countries and showed and increases in revenues of 7.1 % and increase in net profits of 14.1%. Moreover, the company aims at showing respect to the employees and customers in order to create the ultimate working environment. In addition Tesco place these value on first place and aims at creating and delivering value. Introduction

The company operates in the sector of food and grocery retailing. It serves its clients in Europe, Asia and North America. In addition, it has various stores ranging from small convenience stores to supersized hypermarkets. Company overview

To begin with, Tesco’s headquarters are located in Hertfordshire, UK. Also, it has almost half a million employees and operates in 14 different countries. The company showed an increase in revenues of 7.1% (approximately $94,193.2 million) followed by an increase in net profits of 14.1 % (approximately $4,104,4) for the operating year of 2011. Tesco sells, not only grocery items and general merchandises, but also non also non-food items such as electrical. Tesco’s main values

Tesco’s main values are to understand customers, create and deliver value for its customers, and in return capture value and gain customers’ loyalty. The success of the company is expressed in team working and respect for each other. The image of the company is built on trust and also on sharing knowledge and...
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