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All over the world, english can be considered as an official language of businesses. It is very important for the individuals to fluently speak or atleast understand english in order to survive in the corporate environment. The students of Arellano University enrolled in English 12 which is Business English conducted a research about effectivity of Business English, This study speaks to the importance of understanding the different influences of English in business life. English is the most common language for the communication of a variety of information, including academic and scientific news. Many organizations use English as the official language of communications. Popular business resources, like the Wall Street Journal, are published originally in English.The colleges and universities also have almost all of their courses in english. All the subjects related to science and business related subjects are taught in english. Around the world, English is the official language for more than 70 countries, and English is taught in schools around the world. there is an estimated 1 Billion people learning English. Many factors point to the reason why learning English has seen exponential growth in recent years, but it all boils down to the English language being the “global language” of business, politics, international relations, culture, and entertainment for so many countries worldwide. And that is just an understatement as in fact, while English is not an official language in many countries worldwide, it is the language most often taught as a foreign or second language.


Business English refers to English language used in international trade or business. It is a specialized area of English language learning and teaching because it is largely attributed to non-native English speakers who study the subject to enhance their chances of doing business with companies from English speaking countries.Largely depending on the intention for which learning is intended, Business English can refer to the study of business English vocabulary used in the fields of trade, business, finance, or international relations. If the study focuses on techniques on business presentations, negotiations, correspondence, writing and other kills needed for business communications, then it can be classified as the study of Business English communication skills in the workplace. There is really not much difference between the two classifications, as vocabulary and communication skills work together to achieve a common goal – to develop or enhance both written and verbal English skills for business or career advancement purposes.

Business English is hardly an appropriate term to use for a course in Business Correspondence. The terms seems to imply that there is a separate and special English language suitable only for business communication in English. Business communication in English is guided by the following considerations:

Business communication uses simple and easy to understand words and sentences because it is addressed to all kinds of people. •Business communication follows specific types of business letters.

Business correspondence uses technology proper to business transactions.

Business correspondence in English is in confirmity with the English language structure.

Effective Business Writing
Professionalism walks hand-in-hand with good writing skills and the ability to produce effective business writing. Whether you use your business writing to produce financial documents, company documentation, minutes of meetings, reports, or something as simple as a memo for your staff, it is essential that you use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more to produce professional documentation. Effective business-writing skills are achieved through hard work and determination, as well as the application of the correct rules of the English language and the layout of typical business...
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