Business Report of Dealing with Competitor of Lenovo

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Nowadays, PCs have infiltrated our daily lives and are increasingly functional in meeting various aspects of our professional and personal needs (Yin, Y, R, Holland & W, Weicheng, 2004, p.60). The selected company’s brand is Lenovo. Hewlett Packard (HPQ) is the company’s major competitor of Lenovo’s company. The purpose of this report was to analyse how Lenovo’s company have successful created a special brand name. While investigating these two companies it was important to consider their marketing tools, strengths and weaknesses, competitive strategies and marketing decision problem. The information used in this report was collected by annual report of Lenovo company and Hewlett Packard (HPQ) company and the company website for additional information. The limitation of this report was focus on marketing in Thailand and specific in Lenovo ThinkPad T series T420s and Hewlett Packard (HPQ) Envy 14-1113tx Beats Edition Notebook PC. Accordingly, I have chosen three marketing topics I believe will be crucial to the dealing with competitor. They are: 1 Introduce the Lenovo’s organisation – key brand and company 2 Explanation of the marketing decision problem 3 the competitors of the selected company’s brand.

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Introduce the organisation
Lenovo Group Limited (Lenovo) is engaged in the manufacturing of personal computers (PCs) related IT products, and services. The group also provides a range of notebook computers, desktop computers and servers. It offers its products under three main brands: Think, Idea and Value line. The group primarily operates in Americas, Europe and China. It is headquartered in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (Legend Group, Ltd. SWOT Analysis, 2009, p4). Lenovo is one of the world’s largest makers of personal computers and makes the world's most innovative PCs, including the renowned ThinkPad notebook as well as products carrying the Think Centre, Think Station, Think Server, Idea Centre and Idea Pad sub-brands. The company employs more than 23,000 people worldwide, including 1,700 designers, scientists and engineers, representing a broad collection of nationalities and languages but at the same time working with one unified language and vision: to build the world’s most exceptionally engineered personal computers (Legend Group, Ltd. SWOT Analysis, 2009, p4). In 1981, IBM launched its Personal Computing Division which literally invented personal computing with such innovations as the first laptop computer, the precursor to the ThinkPad notebook, synonymous with innovation and quality. In 2005, Lenovo Group’s acquisition of IBM’s PC division essentially combined the market strength of Lenovo in China and elsewhere in Asia among consumers with IBM’s leadership position in Europe and North America among business PC users. In 2008,  Lenovo completed its entry into the server market with the  launch of the Think Server portfolio, designed to deliver a better server experience for small and medium business customers (Lenovo Group Ltd, 2011, Company history, accessed on 12/05/11) Today, Lenovo is a global corporation with significant operations on six continents and operating in more than 60 countries and selling products.  Everyone at Lenovo takes great pride in Lenovo ability to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds and from around the world. Key brand

For internationalization, the Lenovo group changed its original logo from Legend to Lenovo ( see Appendix A, B and C). For the mainland market, Lenovo plans to use the English-Chinese style logo (see Appendix B); for the overseas market, it will use Lenovo only (see Appendix C) (Yin, Y, R, Holland & W, Weicheng, 2004, p.65). In Thailand there are many strong brands in the PC market, such as Dell, HP, NEC, and Sony. It is difficult for a new brand such as Lenovo to win the business war in a mature overseas market even though Lenovo has powerful strength in its home PC industry.

Marketing Strategies: Lenovo...
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