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Topics: GPS, Global Positioning System, Livestock Pages: 8 (2794 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Come up with a business idea and write a business plan for it.

“Police statistics reflect a growing number of livestock cases”, Sunday standard.livestock theft cases are now hitting the high rocks. People are always complaining to the government and some are even threatening when no action is taken concerning this issue of theft. Many Batswana attach a disproportionately high premium, emotional value and importance to their livestock. we already have foot and mouth disease as a problem and when their livestock goes astray it makes matters worse. this is not only a threat to the farmers only but to the whole nation. they might try to cope with the situations but it is not easy to accept it when it is done by another human becomes unpardonable and unacceptable when they find out that they are losing their livestock to organised criminals who habitually come out of the shadows to steal their cattle, in most cases not for immediate consumption but rather for commercial reasons. the fact that the citizens are now loosing hope might lead to them taking the matter into their own hands and they might end up breaking the laws set by the government. Loss of livestock is a huge threat to the citizens of Botswana even our economy as a whole. Livestock is not only used for selling. it is, especially cattle, very valued for paying bride price. Also these animals are used in many events even the cultural ones.

Notty Tracker is a group of engineers who teamed up in the year 2010. it is aimed at addressing this issue of livestock theft by providing a product and service that will help people monitor their livestock movement instead of awaiting upon the government to take action which most of the time comes late. we realised that our people are suffering and our economy might end up facing a lot of problems if no immediate action is taken. our main mission is to secure our country's economy through livestock protection. Botswana exports some of beef to the European Committee and if it looses its livestock our GDP can end up dropping even though we do not depend much on this exports. the little contribution it does matters a lot. Livessat will be the product we offer to our community so that they can use it to track their animals anytime they want to. They will not have to wait for any procedures by the government to be taken which normally take a while. Our marketing strategies will be assessed to see how people are viewing this product so that more accurate estimations can be made on how the business is going to succeed. Recommendations will then be made with the help of the information obtained from the marketing strategies on how further the product can be improved to meet and satisfy the needs of the consumers hence expanding the business.


this report was commissioned to examine how our business, The Notty Trackers, will run in its first year. This is a new business and this gives a detailed overview if not a model of how it will operate for the first twelve is not just focusing on the business errands but it also gives information on the product we are about to offer to our nation, The Livsaat, which is a livestock tracker which will help our people monitor and manage the movement and whereabouts of their livestock.

this report draws attention to the fact that Botswana citizens are loosing their livestock because of theft. Batswana value farming and this even contribute to the country's economy. though Botswana does not depend greatly on the agricultural sector, it exports beef to the European Commission countries because beef production performs better than arable farming(FIND STATISTICS BY 2MRW NYT!).Raising cattle has long been the most profitable farming activity in Botswana. The beef industry is well established, and over 95 per cent of production is exported, much of it to Europe. Further research shows that there are cases where by people can even cross...
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