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Business Report Format

By | May 2012
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|To |Jenny Chan, Human Resources Manager | |From |Erica Wong, Senior Human Resources Officer | | |Benjamin Hui, Senior Human Resources Officer | | |Carol Chan, Senior Human Resources Officer | |Date |9 May 2008 | |Subject |Selection of Management Consulting service provider |

As requested in February, I have conducted initial contact and attended presentations from Vertex and AP Corporate Training. The purpose of the report is to select the most suitable Management Consulting service provider for our company. We will present our recommendation, selection criteria, finding and analysis of both training packages in the following sessions.

Recommendation and conclusion
AP Corporate Training’s approach is most desirable as it best suits our training philosophy and being most cost effective. We are also impressed by the overwhelming track record of the service provider. Based on the positive feedback from their previous clients, we are confident that our cooperation will bring about better cohesion among our workforce and attain our mission.

It will be preferable if the training programme commences in June as it is during summer vacation, when the demand for Student-Link is less intensive. It is before the arrival of the Olympic Games. Managers and drivers will have more time to attend the training sessions without interrupting daily operations. The programme will be conducted at our Beijing headquarter in addition to venues arranged by AP Corporate Training.


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