Business Report: Competing Through Operations

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Introduction 2 Organisation Profile 3 Research Methods 4 Slack’s 5 Performance Objectives 5 – 7 Perceived User Value 8 – 9 Capacity Strategy for the HX Series 10 – 11 Constraints and Bottlenecks of the HX Series 12 Conclusion 13 References 14 Appendix 1 – Interviews 15 – 17 Appendix 2 – Questionnaire 18


In this report I am going to research and report on a named company that offers a product. I will do this by gaining access to an operation and collecting information and data that will address a number of questions. The questions I will be looking to address are: Which of the 5 performance objectives do they consider the most vital to their success? Critically appraise how the named organization meets its customers’ demands in a fluctuating market? And finally, how does the capacity strategy support the performance objectives for the named organisation? The next section is going to be on the organisation’s profile.

Organisation Profile

The company that I will be researching and reporting on is DB Gears, which is based in Huddersfield and operates in the United Kingdom, North and South America, South East Asia and the Europe. DB Gears make industrial gears and gearboxes for all kinds of industries such as the Oil and Gas industry, the Mining industry and the Renewable Energy industry. More specifically I am looking at a series of gearboxes within the organisation named the HX series, which is a line of customized industrial gearboxes for the Centrifugal Pump market and the Turbo Machinery market. DB Gears currently generates £10.3 million a year in turnover with £750,000 being generated from the HX series. (John McCarthy et Al). The next section is going to be about the research methods that were used for this report.

Research Methods

I conducted my research using primary and secondary research methods in order to gather data from the chosen company. I used primary research methods such as telephone and email correspondence with customers and managers as well as interviews and questionnaires with customers and managers. The advantages of primary research are that data is collected straight from the source and allowed me to gain deeper understanding behind the information that has been retrieved. However, this form of research is very time consuming and can sometimes involve interviewee bias towards certain answers, which can spoil the data. I also used secondary research methods, which included theories and literature from articles as well as databases to get information about DB gears. These resources were easy to access and helped to clarify my research question and allowed me to answer the questions of this report. However, the sources were not all applicable to my report and it took time to filter the useful information out from all the other information that was irrelevant to my report. The next section is on Slack’s 5 performance objectives (Slack et Al, 2004) and how these relate to DB Gears.

Slack’s 5 Performance Objectives (Slack et al 2004).

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