Business Report About Qantas Airline Company

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General conventions
Footer: Put your name (including English name in brackets) + student number centred in footer – start from Table of Contents.
Page numbers bottom right – start numbering from Executive Summary
Use Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial,
* Body – font size 12
* Headings – font size 16 + bold
* Subheadings – font size 14 + bold
Double space your work.
Use a paper clip, not a staple, to join your pages.
The word count on 1200 words begins from the executive summary and finishes with the recommendation

Draft and Report
The draft and report should include:

Title page (separate page)
* BAE Business Report on (name of company). Can be a larger font & in bold- possibly 36 point – This should be centred + in the middle of the page * Bottom right-hand corner of page – left aligned (smaller font size than heading possibly 16 point) * Student name and number (full name with English name in brackets) * Class name and number

* Date of submission
Table of Contents (separate page, heading bold, left aligned) * Entry to the left + page number to the right. Include all headings and sub-headings * No number for Executive Summary. Numbers to be used for other headings and sub-headings. * All headings should match those of the report body e.g., Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 1 Introduction 22 ................... ... 2.1 .............. ...|

Executive Summary (heading 16 point font, bold, no reference number for heading) * Separate page, start numbering page

* All headings should have a reference number, and be in 16 point font, bold and sub-head headings should have a reference number and be in 14 point bold e.g. 3 Evaluation of ethical...
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