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Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Perception Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Attitudes and Emotions Influencing Behaviors
Sarah feels that employee attitudes and emotions can definitely play a role in influencing behaviors in the workplace.   An employee displaying positive attitudes and emotions shares the feelings of a positive attitude with his/her co-workers.   The coined expression “one bad apple spoils the bunch’ applies when an employee displays a negative or bad attitude or even an attitude that does not coincide with the already established organizational culture. One of the most important things to learn from these topics is the fact that not everyone’s attitude and emotions are the same and it is in that difference that we find interest, new ideas, and new ways of doing things. The value we put on an individual personality traits and moral values is more about what we are than about what we think they are. It is our perception of people, culture and events that colors our lives and creates the environment in which we make decisions. We can be on target with our perception, but that does not necessarily make us correct in how we attribute these perceptions to others. If we show a bad attitude or emotions then this can pass to your employees and they will not care about getting the job completed. People’s attitudes and emotions directly affect their behaviors. Someone’s attitude and emotions are a part of who they are, how they view perceive other people, and events around them, and will ultimately affect how they act. It is important for people to know how to control their attitude and emotions when necessary. Emotions can be short lived, like getting angry about a comment or action, however strong emotions can alter someone’s mood and attitude about a situation. It is very important for people to be aware of their emotions and attitude and how they are portraying themselves to others. Being able to make decisions after reflection instead of based on emotions is important in many situations. Application of controlling emotions...
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