Business Protocol Versus Personal Values

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Saint Leo University
Business Protocol versus Personal Values
MBA 525
Dr. Angelita Howard
Wonda Falcher
September 9, 2012

Protocol versus Personal Values
Gan, PhD (N.D.), “All people have his or her set of personal values that come from society, families, religions, and experiences”. Companies know-a day’s try to onboard people whose personal values lattice with the company’s. However, one’s personal values will eventually conflict with organizational business protocols because any business looking to make money is not always going to make decisions based on people’s feelings. A business at some time must decide to do what is best for the company and sometimes the decision is not necessarily what’s best for the employees but more so for the board of trustees. That, in my opinion is when one’s personal values are in conflict with organizational/interpersonal business protocols. Most people govern his or her life based on personal upbringings, social norms, and values instilled by one’s family. However, business practices are governed by what drives the company and oftentimes its money. Nevertheless, unless the conflict is illegal, unethical, or immoral I would do what the organization desired for me to do in order for the company and myself to be successful. To expound, if the conflict between one’s personal values and the companies business protocol is illegal it’s an easy conflict to resolve due to edict that governs the impasse of the situation or conflict. One should never choose illegal means over one’s personal values that ensure one’s integrity is “above board” and beyond reproach. However if the conflict is ethical one must weigh personal values versus the company values and then decide if one’s values outweigh the circumstance and leave the company. There is another way one should look at an ethical situation or conflict. As long as the ethical dilemma is not so personal that the conflict diminishes one’s view and confidence in and of the...
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