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Executive Summary
Adam & Eve’s Paradise Restaurant was built through the effort of Mr. Elmer Perez, Miss Anne Melodie Nalian, Miss Genifer Camero, Miss Sofia Solis, Miss Mary Cris Barcebal, and Miss Robelyn Semilla. The 6 successful personalities in business built a unique place in the province. The invested capital of every owner pushes them to create wonderful and artistic place. The paradise is composed of bar, restaurant and hostel and entertainment area. The foods that may serve were both Filipino and International cuisine. The services rendered by Adam and Eve’s Paradise which contributed to almost of Antiqueño especially the target customers were good and enjoying. The confident and well- trained staff were the asset of the business to become popular and competent.

Many establishments in San Jose, Antique are to be considered as competitors of this business. These ranged from fast- food chains, bars and restaurants. However these businesses were not popularly known to people. Some of them lack of facilities and amenities to offer quality services to their customers. For several years of operation, these businesses were not profitable in the sense that the owners of these bars and restaurants lack the ideas, concepts and marketing strategies to make their business more competitive.

Adam and Eve’s Paradise is only bar and restaurant in San Jose, Antique that offers unique style of services .a place in the province where you can be proud of particularly in terms of hospitality industry.

The following are the possible competitors of the business: A.Resorts in San Jose, Antique: Kammea Beach Resort, Barrio House beach Resort and Training Center, and Danilos Resort and Lodge. B. Resorts in Hamtic: Oak Brook Beach Resort.

C. Beach Resort in Tobias Fornier: Punta Hagdan
D. Hotels/ Inn: Adelaide Tourist and Travelers Inn, Binirayan Cottages, CHVH Centillion House 2000, Horizon: Femos Lodge, Villa Gabriella and Pinnacle Suite. E. Restaurants: Bill and Brian Restaurant, Bonglou’s Eatery, Cindy’s, D’ Reyeses Batchoy andRestaurant, Femos Kitchenette, La Vita Restaurant, Regina’s Ice cream House and Restaurant, Rustico’s Y Casa Luz, Kanyugan Garden restaurant, Kamayan Restaurant, Jollibee, Chow king and MangInasal F. bars in San Jose: Happy Bee Bar, Royalty Tower Lounge, Bundocs View Deck Restaurant,Dah-vah, Scissor’s and Brews, Pharoah, TiangelitoResto, D’layag Eatery, and UgsaranBar.

The Adam and Eve’s Paradise was built through the growing demand of hospitality industry around the world. Mr. Perez and Ms. Mary Cris Barcebal established the unique style of service to meet the demand. They are both graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management. For seven years of working in Japan, Mr. Perez earned a lot of money and planned to engage in business. He finds hard to manage the restaurant in his own so, Mr. Perez decided to call and made business proposals with his successful classmates Ms. Barcebal, Camero, Solis, Nalian, and Ms. Semilla. Ms. Barcebal was a chef in one of the finest hotel in California for seven years. . She attended several seminars in Hospitality industry while Mr. Perez attended several seminars in international cuisine especially Food and Beverages both local and international.

Adam and Eve’s Paradise is a combined Bar and Restaurant at the same time provides lodging accommodation. It has a star- up capital amounting to 20 million pesos.
Adam and Eve’s Paradise has an artistic man- made falls and caves. This wonderful place is a symbol that the owners are nature lovers. This place provides leisure time for those who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The night life entertainment, bar hopping, and serving of delicious and spicy foods are all available in Adam and Eve’s Paradise. After five years of successful operation, the owners are planning to expand its services by constructing another...
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