Business Proposal for Marathi Films

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  • Published : August 14, 2010
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(Proposed Company)


The company is proposed by three Directors of Outreach Media Services Pvt. Ltd.

Amit Abhyankar: Has been working in the field of Audio-Visual Productions for over 8 years. He has worked on numerous projects ranging from TV Programs to Feature Films, & TV Commercials to Documentaries, Company Corporate Presentations; in capacities ranging from Assistant Director to Director, & Editor to Executive Producer. He has also worked as the CEO of Pasaydan Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. for 2 years & as a Field Producer for Sony Corporation, Japan. He has worked as the Executive Producer for 3 Marathi Feature Films Aaichha! Gondhal…, Nirop & Hota Asa Kadhi Kadhi. He will make his directorial debut with a Hindi- Marathi Bi-Lingual Feature Film later this year.

Sameer Joshi: Has been working in the field of Audio-Visual Productions for over 11 years. He has worked on numerous projects ranging from TV programs, TV serials, Reality and Non fiction Shows to Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Commercials and Radio Stations in capacities ranging from Associate Dialogue writer to Independent writer& Producer. He has worked with ‘Radio City 91.1FM’ as an Associate programming Director ‘Big 92.7 FM’ as a senior producer and copywriter. He has worked on Story Dialogues and screenplay independently for the Marathi feature film ‘Hota Asa Kadhi Kadhi’. He is also working on few more feature films in Marathi & Hindi.

Niranjan Joshi: Has been working in the field of Audio-Visual Productions for over 7 years. He has worked on numerous projects ranging from TV programs to Feature Films & Documentaries to TV Commercials in capacities ranging from Assistant Director to Director. He has worked with Production Houses like Maverick as an Associate Creative Director & with Miditech as an Associate Producer. He has recently completed his directorial debut in a Marathi Feature Film ‘Aaichcha! Gondhal…’ slated to release in October 2007. He has also directed a Marathi Feature film Hota Asa Kadhi Kadhi which was released on September 12, 2008.

Outreach Media Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on March 6, 2007 and over the past two years has completed a variety of projects ranging from Documentaries to Feature films. It has introduced to the Marathi Film Industry- the concept of Line Production of Feature Films. Avartan, the first-ever DVD based Audio-Visual Magazine in Marathi was introduced in Diwali 2008. This was our unique gift to the Marathi brethren who stay away from our homeland. Avartan received a fantastic response. Infact the Marathi Community in Sydney, Australia; now enjoys a monthly Avartan Radio Magazine which is also being produced by Outreach Media Services Pvt. Ltd. on the request of the Akashwani Sydney Team.

Why Outreach Media Services Pvt. Ltd? • OMSPL is the pioneer in line production in Marathi cinema. Most of the people think that line production is just taking money from the producer and making a film and handing it over. We at Outreach give true value to the money invested by the producer. • WE make films not only to satisfy the creative urge but also with thorough business sense. We believe that though film making is a creative process, it is also a business which has to be done with proper research and analysis. The films which OMSPL has executed are examples of such business sense, not a single film has gone over the agreement value. • All the three directors of OMSPL have field experience in the three most vital areas of film making: Scripts, Direction and Production. They have independent projects as writer, director and executive producers. • We will not only make films but also see to it that they are distributed and they reach the audience in the remotest of the places, for this we will have our own network of distribution. • At no point in the entire process of making we will depend, or hand over the project in the hands of the third party. Each and...
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