Business Proposal for Flea Market

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We have conducted a survey and it shows that many UTAR students complained about the usual hot weather they are facing every day. There are more than 2000 students studying in UTAR PJ campus and based on the survey we found out that 73% of the students are hoping that a refreshment corner just specifically serves desserts would be set up for the upcoming flea market on the 27th of April 2013. To overcome this problem, we have come up with a solution by selling shaved ice in the fund raising flea market. Our shaved ice corner will provide various flavors such as mango, lychee and strawberry. The core benefit that consumers receive from our shaved ice is a convenient, healthy and economic product to rehydrate. We ensure our materials are free from artificial preservatives and each serving is made only when an order is placed. Consumers will have an enjoyable and cool dine-in experience as our staffs are always ready to serve them.

Statement of the Problem
We encountered several internal and external problems when we have come up with the idea of selling shaved ice. Internally, the costs and expenses are our major problem. Each flavor of shaved ice costs RM5/500g and RM2/200g for each topping, hence the total ingredient costs would be RM750 for an estimated of 300 regular servings and RM30 of toppings. Containers of different sizes, plastic spoons and tissues are our main expenses that would cost at least RM80. Our next internal problem is to gain access to the equipment that produces shaved ice. Ice shaving machines are tough to be found in the market as only specialize stores have them. We would have to gain permission from the owners to rent one of them so we could successfully produce shaved ice on-the-spot at the flea market. In addition, our main external concern is the weather on the day of the event. Our ice would melt really fast if the weather hits 32 Celsius and above. We would have to allocate another RM150 for the purchase of dry ice and ice box to conserve the ice. Another external concern for us is our competitors. Similar products are expected to compete with us at the event, such as ice creams, jelly and smoothies. We have to gain advantages over our competitors to maximize our revenue.

Objective and Mission
Our mission of selling shaved ice is to achieve maximum profit to raise funds for UTAR CFS’s farewell gathering event. We have set 3 objectives to accomplish the above mission. First, we want to fully utilize our resources to ensure no wastage of materials occurs in the event because we believe that efficient usage of resources and sales strategy result in satisfying revenue. Next, we will perform strict quality control for our products to gain consumers’ approve and satisfactory because promising quality and taste would bring in more customers for us. Lastly, we will provide the best service for our customers by fulfilling their demands with no hesitation. The result of serving customers right is a good reputation spread out by satisfied customers. With the 3 objectives mentioned and 90% of public presence from the survey samples, we have high confidence that our product will be a success.

Event Details
Our event title is ‘Let It Snow’. Let It Snow will be implemented on the 27th of April 2013 in conjunction with UTAR CFS’s fund raising flea market event. We will be located next to PD hall’s entrance (PD011) and a map is provided on our flyers as well. Our target market consists of two main categories: 1. UTAR staffs and students 2. The public that comes to the flea market. As this is a public event, our pricing is set within a reasonable range of RM4.50-RM7.50, depending on customers’ choices of serving and toppings. For theme wise, we find it unnecessary to set a theme as our product is generally known by the public.


Below are the details for each agenda:
1. Search for sponsorship: We will contact Malaysia’s most famous shaved ice franchise store-100 Yen...
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