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Topics: Nutrition, Expense, Junk food Pages: 15 (4224 words) Published: March 18, 2011
I. Abstract
Patchwork Delivery offers just-in-time campus delivery services for students and staffs in the HK, providing quick food delivery service that encourages customers to have a healthy dining habit. In the HK campus, Patchwork Delivery is the first food delivery service provider. The circulation of in-campus dining is huge that each canteen serves over 1000 people per day. There is insufficient space for dining and many of the customers even choose to skip a meal or eat irregularly. To encourage health dining habit and eliminate inconvenience for dining, Patchwork Delivery provides a flexible and accessible solution for its customers. Our customers are students and staffs who are busy, reluctant and willing to have variety of food when they are in any location of the campus. The customers who have irregular meals or unhealthy foods for dining will lead to health problems. Patchwork Delivery offers a variety of food from the 5 most popular canteens in the HK through 12 hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. '' all for the busy students and staffs. Unlike current take- a- way food service, Patchwork Delivery will transport the food around the campus by experienced motorbike deliverymen. The source of food is in great variety from the 5 most popular canteens in the HK which are evenly distributed in the campus. The pick-up points of food set besides campus bus stops to increase the accessibility for customers. Patchwork Delivery has already met with the alliance canteens owners and gained their support on the project. The marketing activities will align with the canteens to build the customer base. Patchwork Delivery is sure a good choice for health conscious students and staffs in the HK.

II. Introduction
This report includes the details of proposal for the campus improvement fund. The establishment of campus improvement fund aims at improving the existing problems in HK. Therefore, we would first highlight the existing problem, followed by our proposed solution. Methodology findings and related information would be presented to examine the feasibility of our proposal. Then we would explain the details of operations and marketing strategies. Finally the benefits and feasibility of the proposal, as well as its sustainability would be presented. This proposal serves as an explanatory purpose; we hope the campus improvement committee would consider it as a feasible and sustainable one, and adapt our proposal.

III. Existing Problems in HK (Janet)
Through observing daily habits of HK students and considering our personal experience, we have spotted some possible problems which exist among students and staff in HK. We believe that these problems have reached a level where special attention should be given. There are two major problems involving two groups of students.

1. Unhealthy living style
It is most agreed that students in HK are living a busy life. Students are usually busied up by piles of projects and assignments. As a result, many of them do not have time to dine. Up to investigation, two groups of students present most seriously in this issue. 1.1 Hostel students

Particular concern goes to hostel students where a notable number of them skipped lunch and dinner quite frequently. During periods of assignment deadlines, many hostel students would stay at their room whole day revising their works or rushing on assignments. It is predictable that some of them would skip lunch or dinner as they are reluctant to go out to canteen to dine. They may not choose to cook themselves as well because they are too busy to. 1.2 Busy project groups

The second concern group is students groups who are busy rushing on their projects. Particularly Near the end of the semester, students are very likely to be rushing on projects. They need to have project meeting very frequently. It is inevitable that some of the many projects meetings need to be scheduled at lunch time or dinner time. As students would be likely to have their...
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