Business Proposal: Flavored Bibingka

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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A Business Proposal on Flavored Bibingka


Origin of Bibingka
Bibingka is originated from the word “Bebinca” a traditional dessert from Goa, India which is made from ghee (clarified butter), plain flour, sugar and coconut milk, and baked in a day oven heated by coals. But in the Philippines bibingka is a staple snack during yuletide season. It is usually prepared by using rice flour and serve with butter, cheese and grated coconut.

Although bibingka did not originate in the Philippines, this snack became a part of the rice cakes of the Filipino. It has many versions and it is enjoyed by Filipinos all year round. Its taste is usually slightly sweet, with a little bit of salty undertone foe the contrast by the used of salted eggs in the Philippines. And now this product is being classified as a rice cakes and became a native snacks of the Filipinos.

How it Differ from other Bibingka?
Our product differs from other bibingka in such way that we are the first bibingka product that will produce that will produce different kinds of flavors of bibingka that will surely suit to the taste of the Filiponos. Flavors of Bibingka

We are proposing four different flavors of Bibingka.
1. Classic Flavored Bibingka
We’ve innovate the original flavor of bibingka; we are going to add more cheese on it, to enhance its sweetness and to add a bite of saltyness we are going to add salted eggs of the Philippines.

2. Chocolate Flavored Bibingka
This second flavor of bibingka that we are proposing for the Filipinos who have sweet tooth especially kids, teens and also people who loves chocolates. Its glaze of chocolate and walnuts will gives a perfect taste of the product.

3. Peanut Butter Flavored Bibingka
Its balance taste complement to the original taste of bibingka and to add an additional taste, we are going to put crashed peanuts on top to have a bite of crunchinest.

4. Macapuno Flavored Bibingka
In the Philippines, coconut is...
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