Business Proposal

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Business Proposal
A)Nature of business
Our company is a product oriented business. Our main product is eco friendly stylish product. We are focus on the eco friendly product such as bag and jewelry that is stylish and fashionable for women and man. The specialty of our product is the quality, stylish and creative of the product. The main materials of our product are the recycle materials such as glass, plastics and aluminum and nature materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.

The reason we choose to start up this business because:
There is a great potential for capture those customers have demand on healthy lifestyle, eco friendly and fashionable product. •Our products are unique in design, quality and the materials because we are using recycle materials. •There are fewer competitors in this area because eco friendly product is still fresh and unfamiliar for people in Malaysia. •Give awakeness for people about eco friendly product can be stylish and fashionable. •The global worming becomes worst and we need to preserve our environment by increase people interest with eco-friendly product. •Give chance for people more close to nature.

B)Size of the company
Our company is a small shop in a shopping center. It is a small partnership business that established by five partners.
We have obtained RM100, 000.00 uses to start up our business. We obtain our business capital by: i)Each partner is providing RM10, 000 as business modal.
ii)Business loan RM50, 000 from “Standard Chartered Bank”.

To start up our business, we have spent the capital on:
RM 25,000 for buy fixed assets in the shop such as furniture and cabinet for place our product. •RM30, 000 spend for buy our inventory because almost 80% of our stock is shipment from China. •RM12, 000 is office equipments expenses such as computer, cash register, table and chair. •RM10, 000 as our opening modal and RM5, 000 as petty cash for emergency use. •RM10, 000 is rental...
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