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Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Sustainable tourism Pages: 5 (1273 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Proposal study: Travel and tourism industry in the Nepal

Aim: The main aim of our research is to find out how the tourism sector has helped to promote our business industry in Nepal. As we know tourism is the one of the largest industry to support the economy of the country after agriculture.

Abstract: The main focus of our research is to examine what impact the tourism industry is facing from the culture, religion, geographical, political and historical changes. The change in the industry has clearly shown the effect they are facing in the business sector of the Nepal.


Tourism is to visit any other place or the country for recreation, experience and acknowledgement. As we know, people want to visit and experience new Nepal has renowned as the country famous for tourism. Due to its natural beauties, historical building and cultural biological and climatically diversity, Nepal has been an attractive country for tourists. In depth of this tourist love to visit Nepal for fun loving activities like trekking, rafting, bungy jumping, jungle safari, mountain climbing and so on. Although the Nepal is landlocked country and people can’t see sea and taste salty water but our Hills, Mountain and Terai is far enough to cover the sea and oceans.

The tourist industry in Nepal employs 42% of the total working population in Nepal. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal, and the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. Nepal is blessed with a rich cultural heritage. Culture has been called 'the way of life for an entire society'.

Problem or issue of tourism in Nepal

Although Nepal has been very rich in such natural beauties and cultural heritage, the tourist sector is not yet well developed, we know that , Nepal is economically poor, there is lack if well transportation and communication facilities which are the most necessities for tourism development. Not only this, political instability has affected the tourism industries due to unlawful activities which has is usually demonstrate by the people. Beyond the natural beauties Nepal is not providing any facilities to the tourist so that they can come back and visit Nepal or they can recommend their friend to visit the place.


Tourism is very important for the development of the country. To improve the tourism of Nepal above discussed problem must solve and develop the new way to introduce Nepal all over the world. Government as well as the citizen should be conscious what they are doing and how to show the beauty of Nepal to the world.

Statement of propose

Research is important to know where the things are going and help to know about the things, people and events. We do research to find answer to specific question and helps to solve a certain problem. Our research is based on the tourism industry of Nepal so to develop any plan we always have a research plan.

From the research we came to know that from which part of the world most of the people travel to Nepal and in which season. What’s the activity they looking to do and for how long they are going to stay?

Should we develop the any other language rather than English?

What kind of facilities they are looking for and how can we provide them?

The agenda of the visit Nepal 1990 was so successful that they decide to do the travel Nepal 2002 but unfortunately due to political situation they did on 2011. Which mean the economic and political situation need to consider as a major part of the research to make a project successful.

Preliminary literature review

The aim of the review is to identify the outcomes that the country is receiving from tourism development. Its main outcomes are economic, social, cultural and political outcomes. From the research we came to know that organisation like NGO, INGO, non-profit organisation and Red Cross society has been involve gaining the outcome. Many tourists are contributing the fund to develop the tourism sector...
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