Business Proposal

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Business Proposal for In-House
Software Development and
Consultancy Services

1.0 Executive Summary
This business plan outlines the strategy and various services that we shall be providing if given an opportunity to start the In-house development mainly on integration aspects of Large Scale and Medium Scale Businesses. Apart from this in-house development the plan also highlights various areas where our consultancy services can be used effectively to generate considerable revenue and turnover for the company. We expect a high degree of profitability based current market needs and businesses that have already expressed the need for such services. Our expertise and commitment along with the reputation of your company shall be the key of our success in the years to come. 1.1

• To create a workforce and start In-house software development which


would initially target the EAI market. We will also take up ad-hoc software development based on client needs.
To provide software consultancy services to existing and new clients to enhance their business processes and help them serve their customers in a better and more effective way.
To consistently meet the current and new clients and explore the possibility of further business opportunities and discover areas where our services can be made available to them.
To acquire and use the training from the partners and implement it in our product and client environment.
To handle product support and training at client site and in house to the staff involved.
To work hand in hand with marketing and target new market for implementations and other services.

The need for integration of various business processes and various systems within an organization has been widely recognized and has become a key point to success of an organization. The availability of information in an efficient and effective manner has become very critical to almost all modern businesses. Our mission is to achieve this complex requirement with simplicity and efficiency using the latest technological standards.

Our vision is to establish the software house which would provide fast, reliable, informed and consistently high quality solutions to various business needs and clients all over. The primary focus would be on EAI related projects and other requirements will be taken up based on workforce strength and expertise on ad-hoc basis. The short term objective is to start this in-house development and consultancy services quickly and inexpensively with minimum investment. The long term

objective is to grow this into a stable and profitable entity that can be easily and comfortably managed.

Keys To Success
• Anticipating client needs.
• Adapt or manufacture software solutions to these needs.
• Identify businesses where our solutions can be


• Quality (Getting the job done right the first time, offering 100%


• Marketing

and Networking (This includes mutually benefiacial
• Our expertise, attitude and commitment and reputation of your company would be major key of all to the success of this vision.

2.0 Products And Services
The products and services will be geared to provide medium and large scale businesses with effective software solutions mainly in the areas of integration and other ad-hoc requirements posed by the clients. We will also provide consulting services helping companies and other businesses to recognize opportunities for using our software solutions, expertise and technology to enhance their business processes. We will explore new partnerships with other players to the mutual benefits of either parties. Finally, we will provide complete training on solutions purchased from us.


Product And Service Description
In-house Software Development
The development team will mainly emphasize on the development of EAI products for various businesses and the...
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