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Business Proposal

By | August 2012
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Business Proposal
Novelette Anglin
August 13, 2010
Maria H. Ramjerdi

Business Proposal
Mia Creations is providing recommendations to increase revenue, make determination of the profit-maximizing quantity, and to suggest the mix of pricing and non-pricing strategies. This paper will also involve the concepts of the marginal cost and revenue that will maximize profits. Information will determine the maximum profits. The creation to increase barriers to entry, product differentiation, and a few other ways addressing how cost is minimizing for products at Mia Creations. At the end of the proposal, Mia Creations will show a strategic guide put in place to execute the recommendations allowing success and productivity in the company. The quantity that maximizes marginal profit shifts from positive to negative. In this case, we will assume that quantity is the amount of product that a business owner hopes to sell (Huter, 2012). Mia Creations business proposal will require few changes in the business production. Mia Creations is a fairly small business that is new on the market. Mia Creations will continue to execute the goals and key values of the business in regard to the changes made. Mia Creations business proposal have fostered to keep the employees working. The employees will continue his or her daily customer service skills with the quality product Mia Creations produce. Mia Creations will exceed the customer’s expectation satisfying each with the products and services the business offers. First strategic move of Mia Creations is to find ways to minimize the business expenses and cost with the intention to increase the revenue of the business. No doubt that when Mia Creations put in action the ways found to minimize the expenses and cost, the revenue will increase in a steadier form. The fixed cost of Mia Creations is the cost that may not have much bearing with changes in the output of Mia Creations. Mia Creations fixed cost Fixed...

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