Business Process Outsourcing in India

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Business process outsourcing in India: The present and the future of this industry. (B)FOCUS
(B.1) Aim
The main aim is to conduct a thorough research and develop an understanding on the history, growth and latest trends of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in India. (B.2)Objectives
In order to achieve the full potential of the aim the following are the objectives * To understand the conceptual background of outsourcing and the reasons why companies outsource jobs. * To understand the history of globalization in India and how business process outsourcing has been a major outcome of it. * To review and research how companies outsource business process units to third party companies such as Genpact. * To conduct an in-depth analysis on why companies choose India as a strategic point to outsource jobs and the future plans. * At the end of the research recommendations as a consultant will be given to new businesses involved in business process outsourcing in reference to the present techniques used.

The researcher has three years of experience in this industry and has a clear understanding on the functions and activities of the companies involved in this industry. He also has access to some of the major outsourcing companies in India such as Genpact, Dell, Wipro and Satyam, which are among the top BPO’s in India. Therefore it will not be difficult to achieve the objectives as mentioned above. The motive to study this will be explained in the next chapter.

(C.1)Background of study
Though India has been on the road of recovery since its independence, the trends picked up only in the 90’s when the government made exclusive policies that were committed to liberalization and privatization. The telecom sector in the country which saw strong hold till the early 90’s due to its state ownership and thus the enjoyed a monopoly in the market. The changes in the market scenario in the market in the late 90’s saw radical changes by the government through events like the New Telecom Policy which changed the nature of the telecom industry with the introduction of IP telephony which resulted in shaking the state monopolistic nature on the industry. The new order in the market saw a drastic reduction and new beginning for the ITES/BPO industry. "Today, there is the demand for 150,000 graduates to be employed in an industry which was none-existent five years back." BBC(2003). The researcher through this paper aims to explore the characteristics and variables which hinted in bringing about revolution of the BPO industry in India. (C.2)Background of the selected organizations

The researcher has selected a few major organizations for this study. One of the main organizations selected is Genpact .Genpact was an early mover in the industry and is a pioneer in many of the areas that have given strength to Business Process Management and the globalization of services. Another leader in the BPO industry which is selected is Wipro which is among the top 3 offshore BPO service providers in the world. Apart from these organizations BPO’s like Dell and Satyam has also been selected. (C.3)Rational of the study

The motivation behind this dissertation is to have a thorough understanding of the functions of a business process outsourcing company’s. The researcher has worked in a similar company (Genpact) for more than thirty six months and would like to investigate more on this topic. The researcher is interested in starting a business of his own and this research will give insight into many of the issues that this industry faces. In the end of the research the researcher will give recommendations for people with the motive to start their own business process outsourcing companies in India. (D)LITERATURE REVIEW

(D.1)Literature on the Conceptual Framework of Outsourcing
Core Competency in Outsourcing
Outsourcing as described by Chase et al....
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