Business Process Outsourcing

Topics: Business process outsourcing, Population, Rural area Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: June 13, 2012
ABSTRACT: This presentation deals with the reasons why India is marketing rural India as the next BPO destination. India has transformed itself as the largest BPO industry in the world by using its vast human resource from the preceding years by taking advantage of the English speaking population. Some countries like china, Philippines…… entered the BPO market to tap the share of BPO projects to increase employment opportunities of their countries population by overcoming their language barriers. As a result India lost its NO.1 position in 2011. India can out beat the rest of the countries and increase the share of outsourcing projects by increasing the quantity and quality of the English speaking population and taking over the projects at competitive prices compared to the rest of the world. This is possible only if India transformed itself from off shoring to rural shoring. our research/paper consists why,how,reasons we are marketing the rural India as the next BPO destination. This paper deals with below concepts:

* What is BPO?
* Emergence of Rural BPOs
* Why rural BPOs?
* BPO Rural India
* Some facts of rural BPOs
* Advantages of Rural Youth
* Advantages to BPOs if they are in rural areas
* Paradigm Shift
* Draw backs of Rural BPOs
* Why Paradigm Shift from Urban BPO to Rural BPO
* Some Rural BPO Companies
* Information based on Survey done on some BPO employees
* Indias English speaking advantage is fast diminishing as countries like china are making huge efforts to increase their English speaking population. * BPO industry is cost sensitive and clients will not hesitate to shift BPOs or move to other countries that offer services at lower costs. * ONLY ONE ANSWER IS ENCOURAGING MORE RURAL BPOs.

We have done research by collecting some information from employees who are working in urban and rural...
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