Business Problems Solved by Technology

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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During the years of the use of main frame systems data was stored and processed by large systems. As time progressed, similar data is being stored in a minuscule chip that can be carried with no effort. From the period of radios to the period of mobiles, from the dial up connections to Wi-Fi, technology provided many sophisticated solutions to problems. Telephone and internet eliminated the barriers to communication which were existent in the 20th century. Internet changed the world by providing services like online shopping, online banking, social networking and such. The leading technological advancement affecting the world in a globalized way is the WWW (World Wide Web). In the medical field many medicines and drugs have been developed that can inoculate a person thereby preventing any diseases. Technology has played an equivalent role in the transportation industry as well. Invention of automobiles and airplanes has completely transformed the way we travel. GPS (Global Positioning System) a satellite based navigation system that is developed mainly for military services, has also been used by the common man to meet the basic requirements such as finding the directions to a place and locating a lost car and such. Natural resources like water have been used to generate electricity and technology makes things such as these happen. Amazon, world’s largest internet retailer developed ‘Kindle’ (reading eBooks) with a goal to bring all of the world’s literature to Kindle. Similarly Apple has leveraged the technology in introducing iPad to the world with additional features such as being able to listen to music, check email, play games etc.

When it comes to society, technology has played a major role. Communication was merely done face to face. People now are using facetime ( video chat application in iphone ) and through social networking websites like facebook and myspace, you can find almost anyone on the planet with ease. Problems become complex with increase...
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