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Handle your valuable people and marketing skills effectively in order to win the match. 1.Introduction
d)Company Background
a)Lack of Performance evaluation and recruitment process
b)Lack of Marketing Practices
a)HR Solution
i.Introducing a proper recruitment and evaluation system
b)Marketing Practices Solution
i)Introducing SERVQUAL tools
ii)Introducing various discounted packages.

1. Introduction
The purpose of this report was analyze two main business issues which is affected for HR functions and Marketing practices in Mihin Lanka and recommended a suitable solutions for their issues.
1.2 Scope
The report is limited to discuss business issues from the perspective of Human resource Limitations and Marketing Limitations that can be affect to the Mihin Lanka development. The study will be conducted only within the how to train and evaluate their managerial skills by implementing proper recruitment and evaluation system. And also identifying the factors behind the poor knowledge on marketing practices by introducing SERVQUAL tools and various discounted packages.

1.3 Method
The information used in this report was collected through an interview with Assistant Manager Mr.Prageeth Suranga at Mihin Lanka.
1.4 Company Background
Mihin Lanka was launch in 2007 and owned by the Sri Lankan Government. It is the one of the leading low fare airline based in Colombo Sri Lanka. The current Chief Executive officer is Mr.Kapila Chandresena. Mihin Lanka operating to a growing range of destinations in the Indian Sub-continent, Middle East and South East Asia. It code shares with its partner Sri Lankan Airlines on several routes, as part of a partnership joining between the two airlines. Currently it operates three aircraft. They mainly concentrates in the theme to safely transport their passengers to their destination, most affordably and comfortably. Their services including the best value fares, and they provide their customers a complimentary on-board meal and a free checked baggage allowance. And also they have well trained staff, and flight crew to provide an excellence service to their valuable customers. Mihin Lanka Carrying over four hundred thousand guests each year. (Mihin 2. Problems

a.) Lack of Performance evaluation and recruitment process
Since Mihin Lanka is a government entity, the management didn’t realize the importance of an appropriate and proper evaluation system and they also didn’t grasp how this question will effect to the satisfaction level of employees. As for the information given by Mr.Suranga I have realized certain numbers of employees are de-motivated due to the drawbacks of the employees’ evaluation system and also I realized the management doesn’t have an accurate way to give increment based on employees’ performances. The main reason for this inaccurate performance evaluation process is, most of the time they are focused on following government orders and procedures without paying attention to the employee evaluation system. As Mr.Suranga mentioned, after several complains made by the employees they realized the reason for the employee un-satisfaction. After did a thorough investigation about this complains, management has decided to introduce a suitable and appropriate employee evaluation process to the Mihin Lanka and now the management is seeking for the government authorization for the implementation. And also according to Mr.Suranga has stated that, Mihin Lanka doesn’t provide professional development training to middle and lower level employees. Most of the directors who are in the director board are not professionally qualified for those positions. So their decision making ability & managerial skills are in lower level. This is one of the major problem that I have figured during the interview. The management of the Mihin Lanka has given this...
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