Business Problem-Solving Essay

Topics: Problem solving Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 18, 2012
David Colunga
Professor Mongo
March 3, 2012
Problem Solving Essay
When assignments and projects are handed to a group at work, some team members tend to do all the work. This mostly occurs when a member gives up control, shunning himself or herself from the team. Since most companies assign work needed to be completed as a group, one person can't be given all the work. Having an uncommitted group can derail the group from accomplishing their goal. For example, having an employee refuse to cooperate in a team gives another person his workload. If that person doesn’t commit to the team, someone then has to take his workload. The end result is a person stuck with lots of work needed to be done in their hands. All this can happen in any group, in any company.

I presume this problem happens when there is no communication in a group. If a person doesn't speak up, they are perceived to be weak. Fellow team members see this as an opportunity to slack of, thinking that person will pick up their share of the assignment. If work isn't divided evenly it is easy to distort what a certain person should do to contribute. When this problem occurs and nothing is done about or we handle it poorly, someone ends up doing all the work. No one usually wants to make their coworkers angry, so they keep quiet. If a team member isn't doing their work, other team members need to tell them. If a person doesn't voice his or her opinion, it will jeopardize their share of work.

This conflict deals with a refusal among team members to work together which can be perceived as a substantive conflict. This type of conflict involves real issues and topical substance. A conflict of morals is at play here when a person neglects to do their share in a project. This problem exist in the level one section of Silburt's levels of conflict and tension. The problem has been identified; lack of communication has forced all of the work needed to be done unto one group member. However,...
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