Business Problem Paper

Topics: Null hypothesis, Alternative hypothesis, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: May 19, 2008

Business Problem Paper and Presentation

University of Phoenix
MBA 510 - Managerial Decision Making
Professor Daniel A. Puente University of Phoenix Faculty
Due April 28, 2008

Business Problem Paper and Presentation

In the following pages, discussion will take place on the Wal-Mart Corporation, more specifically issues that have arisen with employee retention within the company. This work will illustrate both statistically and comprehensively the problems that Wal-Mart is facing with employee retention, including a list of optimal solutions for the problem. Dependent and independent variable will be identified, the null and alternative hypothesis, primary and secondary data sources, sample size requirements, and an explanation of the production of samples. Recommendations and observations will be given throughout the paper based on research on the different aforementioned points that each of the four authors of this paper will researching and writing. Finally, a 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that gives an overview of the team project, including problem definition, conclusions, recommendations, and sources for primary and secondary research data. Independent and dependent variables

Wal-Mart is loved in some communities and hated in others. Wal-Mart has created over 1.6 million jobs, many of which pay low wages (Hexhunterkid, 2006). Inadequate pay can be a major factor driving and organizations turnover rate. A high turnover rate can be very costly to any organization, as the organization is constantly spending funds to train new employees. The higher the turnover rate the more funds are spent on training a higher number of new employees each year. These are unnecessary costs that Wal-Mat can invest in other areas of the business. Wal-Mart’s turnover rate is the dependent variable. The dependent variable is defined as the variable that is being predicted or estimated (Lind,...
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