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  • Published: April 4, 2013
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Pro Forma: Business Information Introduction Phase Part A
(0.5 points)
Details of the products we are planning to sell are:
Item number| Product (Item) Name| Expected purchase price| Expected selling price| 0001| Unisex T-shirt| $10| $30|
0002| Trendy Slippers| $8| $35|
(1 point)
Customer details are:
Customer Name| Address| Contact details| Terms of credit| Flux| 10 Jurong West Central , #02-152, Apple Shopping Centre, Singapore 523123| 67558888| 2/7, n/30| FashionMen| 15 Clementi Ave 8, #01-333, Amazon Mall, Singapore 666123| 63576523| 2/7, n/30| (0.5 points)

Supplier details are:
Supplier Name| Address| Contact details| Terms of credit| ABC Industries| 5672 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, #03-112, Singapore 567222| 66658888| 5/7, n/30| Shirt Workshop| Block 30, Tuas Lane 10, #09-103, Singapore 783431| 67675353| 5/7, n/30| (0.5 points)

The roles/responsibilities of each of the owners of the business are: Owner 1 |
Sales director – monitor competitor activities and new developments, listen to clients’ comment about their present and future needs to guide product choices, propose sales budget to be agreed on board meeting.| |

Owner 2|
Purchasing Director – gather as much information about quality, quantity, price of purchasable items and place order for procurement for the right quality, at the right price for the right quantity for the company to reach the most minimum purchase price in order to maximise profit for the company.| |

Owner 3 |
Account Director – build and grow client relationship, manage financial performance, provide strategic and marketing leadership.| |
(0.5 points)
The business is planning to employ _2_ number of staff. The role of the staff employed will be 1 – Admin staff: in charge of all the paper works|
2 – Transport and Logistic staff: in charge of delivering goods to customer, maintain in-house stock| (0.5 points)
Our target market is:
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