Business Policy and Strategic Management

BBUS 470: Business Policy and Strategic Management
Autumn 2006

Dr. Kevin LavertyKristen Spangler, MBA
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Text: Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, Strategic Management, 7th edition Case Packet: Available at the Bookstore


In this course we will learn about a firm’s business policy – from how it chooses strategies to achieve its objectives. In particular, we will work to understand how organizational competencies can lead to sustainable competitive advantages, how industry competitive dynamics erode those advantages, and the integrative nature of policy decisions.

In this course, you will deal with a real business situation. The strategic problems will be amorphous and will contend with other problems for your attention. Having a neatly prescribed problem will be unusual; having to decide which among a host of problems requiring response will be more typical. This course mirrors the real world of business in that you will determine what the problems are, which are important and which are not. You will choose what theory and methods you have learned in this and other courses to resolve specific problems. You will assess which of many possible approaches to a situation will be best for a particular firm.

The course is demanding. Rigor and clarity are required. You will need to learn strategic theories; draw on what you have learned in other business courses; conduct both quantitative and qualitative analyses; apply book knowledge to real-world phenomena; think critically, logically and integratively; and communicate well.

The main learning tools for the course will be:
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