Business Policy

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* Derive from and conform to policies but are more tactical, specific, concrete, and detailed than policies. It serves as a management control mechanism by standardizing daily operations to ensure consistent processing of recurrent tasks. It specifies how recurring tasks are to be executed and enumerate both the steps and sequence to be followed.

Procedure StepsResponsibility
1. Needs Analysis
* Identify existing policies and procedures that require amendment,Policy Owner Or will be superseded
* New Policy or Procedure
* Communicate with appropriate Policy Sponsor to confirm creation of new policy.Policy Owner
* Advise Governance and Policy Unit, via email, of intention to develop New policy or procedure together with:Policy Owner
a) Proposed title
b) Impacted policies/procedures
c) Indicative timeframe for development
* Policy or Procedure Amendment
* Advise Governance and Policy Unit, via email, of intention to amendPolicy Owner Policy or procedure and confirm whether amendment is major or Minor amendment
* Obtain latest version of policy/procedure from Governance and Policy Governance Unit for editingand Policy Unit

2. Consultation and Drafting
* Review similar policies/procedures at other organisations, relevant Literature and best practicePolicy Owner
* Identify stakeholders for consultation during development/review, The best way to consult with them and time constraints for Policy Owner Consultation
* Identify the impact of proposed policy/procedure changes on Stakeholders, systems, administration and address these withinPolicy Owner Drafting, or note in the implementation section of the Policy and Procedure Request for Approval form

* Draft policy and/or procedure Policy Owner
* Draft or edit any supporting documentation, such as forms orPolicy Owner Unit rules/work instructions and insert references in Supporting Documentation
* Take draft policy/procedure to stakeholders and those affectedPolicy Owner for feedback. Redraft as necessary using tracked changes to show Amendments since previous version
* Obtain recommendation for approval of final draft from PolicyPolicy Owner Owner’s management group or policy working group (if appropriate), Or from the Policy Owner

3. Authorisation
* Submit electronic copies of final draft to Governance and Policy UnitPolicy Owner For review and submission to committees on the approval pathway * Communicate with:Policy Owner
* Governance and Policy Unit to confirm approval pathway and date of Meeting at which policy/procedure will be presented
* Policy Sponsor to ensure they are able to support policy/procedure Through approval pathway

4. Communication and Implementation
* Advise Policy Owner of approved policy/procedureGovernance And Policy Unit
* Undertake steps outlined in Communication & Implementation Plan Section of Request for Approval formPolicy Owner
* Publish approved policy/procedure on Policies & Procedures DirectoryGovernance And Policy Unit
* Forward copy of approved policy/procedure and Request for ApprovalGovernance
Form to Records Management for filingAnd Policy Unit

5. Maintenance
* Record issues identified through implementation, training or on-goingPolicy Owner
Management; as well as changes affecting policy or procedure in Policy
& Procedure Issues Log for incorporation into subsequent review

6. Review
* Review policy and procedure every two years, or earlier as requiredPolicy Owner * Check that policy and procedure is still currentPolicy Owner * Major Amendment Required

* Undertakes 1-4 above
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