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II. Technical Plans

A. Technical Production Description
The proponents selected a Mobile Lechon Food Business which will yield an easy process yet will give an implausible profit. The production process will take 3 to 4 hours by simply roasting the pork belly in a medium flame or over a live charcoal until the skin gets crispy and golden brown. Step-by-step procedures of the said process are well specified on production process.

Pre Start-up

This section plays a significant part in starting up the project. Things must be first accomplished in order to avoid problems and other unexpected interventions. The following parts shall be properly undertaken by any interested party before starting the business to ensure smoothness of the operation.

B. Production/Operation Process

1. Step by Step Procedure. The following is the step by step outline of how productions of Boneless Lechon Belly (Original, Sweetened and Spicy) are completed on a regular basis:

i. Preparation Phase. The process will begin by preparing the ingredients and equipments for production of goods.

INGREDIENTS (Raw Materials)|
Raw Materials/ Description| For Additional Flavoring| Fresh Pork Belly | Sugar|
Water| Sili|
Spices| |
Vinegar, Soy Sauce| |
ii. Cleaning/Washing Phase. At this point, the initial production process will take place by washing the slab of pork and other ingredients until they are properly cleaned and ready for staffing.

iii. Stuffing/Seasoning and Marinating Phase.
Minced spring onion, onion bulb, green , garlic and salt. For the Spicy Flavor, add sili and spices to add a spicy taste, then for the Sweetened Flavor, seasoned the pork belly with brown sugar to give some sweet taste. Put all the ingredients in the middle of the belly. Marinate the pork belly for about 5 hours or overnight with the ingredients and spices mentioned above to have a great taste.

iv. Sewing Phase.
Roll the pork belly (roll it tight) and secure/sew it with a cooking twine (make sure to secure the whole roll) together with the bamboo stick (make sure to properly tie the twine to ensure that the pork belly will not move when roasting).

v. Cooking/Roasting Phase.
Then it is ready to roast. For oven, set the temperature at 400 degrees F and 3 hours for a turbo broiler (when using oven and turbo broiler, bamboo stick is not necessary). For roasting over a live charcoal or traditional cooking, roast the pork belly until the skin gets crispy and golden brown (Brush soy sauce or oil on the skin of the belly for this will make the lechon belly looks crispy and delicious).

vi. Packaging and Selling Phase. Products, after roasting will be placed on a woven plate (for dine-in) and in a plastic bag/cellophane when take out ready to be sold to its final consumers.

2. Duration per Step per Batch. The proponents suggest that the business’ operation schedule will be Monday thru Saturday from eight (8) am to eleven (11) pm. The firm will be operational year round.

Preparation Phase (1)| Preparing the ingredients and the needed materials will only take for about 10 minutes (considering that the ingredients are already purchased).| Cleaning/Washing Phase (2)| This step takes about five (5) minutes to prepare. (Depending on the size or the volume of the pork belly).| Stuffing/Seasoning and Marinating Phase (3)| Stuffing/Seasoning will take about fifth teen (15) minutes. Then the pork belly will be marinated for about 4 to 6 hours or overnight marinating (the hours of marinating will depend on the cook). | Sewing Phase (4)| Sewing Process will take thirty (30) minutes (Depending on the volume of the pork belly). | Cooking/Roasting Phase (5)| This step will require at least three (3) hours of roasting. (until the skin gets crispy and golden brown)| Packing and Selling Phase (6)| Packaging will only...
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