Business Plan: Vision Tread

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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Sherry Cummings
Unit 2 Individual Project
BUS105-0903A-36 Business and Society

Unit 2 Individual Project

Hello, my name is Sherry Cummings and I represent my corporation Vision Technologies and would like to tell you about my new invention and business plan for my corporation.
I have invented a marvelous new treadmill that I believe will revolutionize the exercise equipment industry. It is called the Vision Tread and it is a virtual reality experience that will change the way people work out. You will no longer step up on a treadmill. With this new creation you will walk into it, select your scenery and temperature of choice and take off. You will never get bored with your workout again.

My corporation is ready to start the manufacturing of this fabulous new creation and we need to fund our market research as well as meet our short term goals for the hiring of employees to complete this task.

I understand there are many ways to obtain this funding. Of course funding meaning the method my firm will use to get money to start or expand our business (Ebert & Griffin, 2009). I know also that we could license the technology, which means our company could allow other firms to license my invention in return for a percentage of the revenues that second company earns (Ebert & Griffin, 2009).

We could also sell stock to raise the money by which we would give up ownership of shares of the company in exchange for the money (Ebert & Griffin, 2009). But because we haven’t really gotten it off the ground yet, I would be afraid we are not valuable enough yet to have our shares sold at a price that would benefit the firm.

I realize that we have common stock, which is the most basic forms of ownership, including voting rights in major issues (Ebert & Griffin, 2009). But I do not feel that this is adequate. Our debt, which is our company’s total liabilities (Ebert & Griffin, 2009) is not significant so I believe we will pursue borrowing...
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