Business Plan : Tourism

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1.1 Organization & Product
Company which will provide tour and travel services to the destination of exotic Rangamati. We offer transportation, accommodation, hill trekking, camping, boating, shopping destination and other related services. From Chittagong a 77 km. road amidst green fields and winding hills will take you to Rangamati. It is also connected by waterway from Kaptai. For tourists the attractions of Rangamati are numerous, tribal life, fishing, speed boat cruising, water skiing, hiking, bathing or merely enjoying nature as it is. An opportunity for our success exists because national and travel industry is growing at the rate of (percentage rate) percent. NOISHORGO is poised to advantage of this growth with an experienced stuff, excellent location and effective management and marketing. Rangamati has a large concentration of outdoor recreation enthusiasts. These individuals, couples and groups are very much interested in activities, such as boating, trekking, camping etc. NOISHORGO'S target market is an exploitable niche and it will provide specialized and thus differentiated service. Our focus is on people -- their culture and the environment. These are not simply sight-seeing excursions, but real-time learning experiences. Enjoy an ideal blend of adventure and exploration with comfort and relaxation. Good, clean accommodation in the towns and hill tribe cottages or home stays in the interior allow a close interaction with the nature. Additional local guides and experts are to be used for treks and special interest tours. The profit will help to preserve the environment and the indigenous cultures at the same time. We've committed that 20% of our profits will be used to develop the areas and communities of the tribal Bangladesh. Our commitment is to cooperate closely with the indigenous communities and generously contribute to, and help coordinate their local initiatives aimed at conserving both the natural bio-diversity and their unique cultural heritage. 2.Strategic Plan & Focus:

2.1Mission Statement:
Our mission is to offer our guests a unique experience by providing the finest in location, accommodation, dining, recreation, leisure and cultural sports. We have a passion to exceed the expectations of our guests through personalized, gracious, friendly service and offer an experience that our guests will remember always.

2.2 Goals & Objectives:
Non financial:
In our business have important non-financial objectives which will limit the achievement of financial objectives. Examples of these are summarized below:

Welfare of employees-
The provision of employee welfare is an important objective; this relates to issues such as wages & salaries; comfortable and safe working conditions, training and development; pensions etc. The value of many businesses is critically-dependent on attracting and retaining high quality employees – which makes managing the welfare of such people even more important.

Serving customers-
As all marketers understand, a critical activity of business is to understand and meet the needs and wants of customers. In the long-term, this objective is the foundation for a financially successful business. Non-financial objectives under this heading would include meeting defined delivery standards, product quality, reliability and after-sales service levels.

Relationships with Suppliers-
Responsibilities to suppliers are expressed mainly in terms of trading relationships. Large businesses often have considerable buying power over their suppliers – which should be used with care. Supplier objectives would include those relating to the timing of payment and other terms of trade.

Responsibilities to Society-
Businesses increasingly aware of their overall responsibility to society at large. The term that is often used is Corporate Social Responsibility. This includes a business complying with relevant laws and regulations (e.g. health and safety), minimizing...
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