Business Plan: Sugarcane Juice Industry

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Executive Summary
We are the students of BBA from AIUB; under kind supervisor of sir MD. Mostofa Jaman started to work on new and innovative idea that has not been before in Bangladesh. As a step towards growing entrepreneurship in Bangladesh we students of AIUB have a tradition to present our new and innovative idea in front of people which could benefit the job situation in Bangladesh and so that we could become job givers not job beggars. Sugarcane juice industry is a business idea that deals is product. Our product is sugarcane juice in tin pack or pet bottles. Sugarcane juice is widely used in summer season because of its taste and low costs. Now in many countries it’s produced on chemical basis and there sales are quite high especially in Middle East countries. This juice is widely used in hot weather conditions. Industry Environment

Over view of the industry
Our business is the part of fruit & vegetable industry of Bangladesh. Agriculture is the largest income and employment-generating sector of Bangladesh. About two third population of the country resides in rural areas and directly or indirectly depends on agriculture for their livelihood. The sector is an important source of demands for its products. Company Locations and Facilities

We select our industry location in Ashulia, Gazipur because we collect most of our sugarcanes from the north Bengal. The transportation system with north Bengal to Ashulia is very good. Potential customers

Our potential customers will be every kind of individuals like: Students at every level.(from school to universities)
Employees who work the entire day in hot condition.
Households, passengers.
In summer season every kind of people with no age limit use this juice, because most of the people avoid unhygienic products. Initially we will only limit our geographical scope to Dhaka and then after initial success we will expand our target segments. We expect we will cover almost 30%-40% of Dhaka’s population which could be almost one million we expect that out of these 30%-40% we will capture 60%-70% of the market. Direct competitors

We don’t have direct competitors in our product however in substitute products we have mainly big companies like: Pran, Shezan, Akiz, Partex etc. Marketing
Business opportunity
This is the business plan of a partnership in the name of Sugarcane juice. The plan is to process and market the high-quality sugarcane juice. First time in Bangladesh, juice will be preserved in tin pack keeping them as fresh as at time of extraction. Till now market deals in fresh fruit juices which can be easily preserved however this idea has not been catered yet. Collecting raw materials

Bangladesh country is an agricultural country. In North Bengal the farmers produce a huge amount of sugarcane. So it is a great opportunities for us to collect our raw materials. 1st year we buy our raw materials from those farmer. On the other hand in that year we leas 450-500 acres of land from the farmers and produce sugarcane in those land. Our sugarcane production will be increase if we grab the market. Company impact

Sugarcane juice is widely used because of its sweet taste and being a solution to different health problems. The cost of production and raw material is not so much. It needs not to be marketed so much because it’s a new thing which people will try and love a lot. Simply we can place it in universities cafeterias, gourmet franchises and grocery shops, the only thing we must do is to ensure its shelf life and long time preservation time. Company strategy

In first year, our company will market in Dhaka. Dhaka will be sole market for first year. Then looking through our sales history we will expand our business opportunities to other big cities of Bangladesh. More products that will be processed in same way and will be included in product line after making a good repute in the history....
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