Business Plan- Stage Ii

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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage II

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Castle’s Family Restaurant is a medium sized business of approximately 300-340 employees with eight restaurants in the Northern California that is currently facing issues related to HR administration. Jay Morgan, the HR manager has to travel weekly to each restaurant location in order to take care of scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering employees’ questions. His biggest issue, however, is related to Payroll Administration since Jay Morgan is currently using an Excel spreadsheet with a computer application to print payroll checks manually instead of using automated HRIS software to assist on payroll activities to all employees.

In fact, Jay Morgan needs to implement a HRIS Payroll software system to manage payroll information in order to provide fast, accurate and efficient payroll services to all restaurant employees while staying in compliance with industry regulations. HRIS Payroll type of software will definitely provide more accurate and efficient results to what concerns to calculation of employee’s rates differentiation for full and part time employees, hours worked and missing hours, taxes deduction, etc. A efficient payroll software will also automate all these functions that will be easily be managed from anywhere, which means that Jay Morgan will no longer have to travel to all restaurant location to take care of employee’s payroll related issues or inquiries. He also will not have to use an Excel spreadsheet and a computer application to print payroll checks because he can now offer direct deposit option, so employees can have the convenience of having their paychecks automatically deposited into their checking accounts at their payday. The use of HRIS Payroll type of software to be implemented will definitely make a significant difference on HRIS management of Castle’s Family Restaurants. HRIS VENDOR CHOICE

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