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Sl no.| Name of the Content| Page no.|
1| Executive Summary| 4|
2| General Company Overview| Name of the Company| 5| | | Legal Formation| 5|
| | Location of Office| 5|
4| Mission Statement| 5|
5| Vision| 6|
6| Present Scenario| 6|
7| Products and Services| Product| 7|
| | Service| 7|
| | Product features and benefits| 7|
9| Customers| Corporate customers | 8|
| | Non-corporate customers| 8|
10| Demand Analysis| 8|
11| Marketing Plan| Promotion| 9|
| | Promotional budget| 9|
| | Pricing| 9|
| | Distribution Channel| 10|
| | Sales Forecast| 10|
12| Management Plan| Management and Organization| 11| | | Organizational Chart| 11|
13| Operation Plan| 12|
14| Financial Plan| Startup Expenses | 13|
| | Capitalization| 13|
| | profit and loss projection| 14|
15| SWOT Analysis| 14|
16| Conclusion| 15|

Executive Summary

This term paper contains a business plan about software development. The name of the firm is Desh Soft. This firm will develop customized and package software for both corporate and non-corporate customers. We will also provide troubleshooting service for all types of customers. Desh Soft will be a sole proprietorship business. We will advertise Desh Soft in both Print and Electronic media and the advertising cost will be Tk. 150000. We will use authorized dealer for distribution. We will charge reasonable price for our product and services which will depend on the types of package. We will create a strong management system for running the business well. So, we will employ 4 managers and our main workforce will be our programers-10 in number. We need Tk. 1500000 as start up cost which will provided 50% by owner and 50% by Dhaka Bank Limited as SME Loan. This business plan contains 12 months profit and loss projection of Desh Soft. Moreover, sales forecast of 12 months, organizational chart, operational flow-chart of this firm are included with this business plan.

General Company Overview

Name of the Company

The name of the firm will be Desh Soft .It will be a software developing firm which will develop(make) software and provide troubleshooting(Solve problems relating Hardware or Software) service.

Legal Formation

Primarily, I want to establish this firm as a Sole proprietorship firm. Later, if more fund will necessary, I will take a partner.

The Firm will run from the first week of 2011 if everything goes well. For starting this Firm I will acquire Trade License and Tax Certificate from authority.

Location of Office

Desh Soft’s proposed office is in Dhanmondi.

Mission Statement

Desh Soft’s mission consists of these 3 things:

1. Product Mission:

Desh Soft is going to provide high quality software for both corporate and household customers. It will also provide troubleshooting service for its customers .

2.Economic Mission:
To operate the company through a profitable way and achieve desired growth. Economic establishment of the owners and career progression of the employees.

3. Social Mission:
Reducing the cost of the government in importing software. Provide homemade software for Bangladeshi people .


Desh Soft has a vision of becoming a market leader of this sector who will lead Bangladesh towards a revolution in software development. We believe that one day we will be self – dependant in software development sector so that we need not to import software from foreign countries. Desh Soft will be a leading firm for this approach....
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