Business Plan Shareat

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Business Plan Charity Shirts

Business Plan Charity Shirts

Executive Summary4
Cost price incl. Taxes6
Departmental budgets7
Selling price in/excl. VAT7
Break even analyses.7
Capital needed7
Income statement for different scenarios8
Statement of Owner’s Equity9
Projected profit per share10
Contact with suppliers11
Marketing Plan13
Chart Page15
Human Resources17
The organizational structure (organogram)17
Information on the workforce18
The method of performance evaluation to be used18
The merit-demerit system to be applied18
The company’s rules and regulations19
General rules19
Rules for laying off people20
Rules for control of finances21
Efficient and effective communication within the company21


Building a company in such a short period of time was a lot of work, but the young and hardworking team of Share-a-T managed to select two types of products to sell in the coming semester. One of those are the Hogeschool van Amsterdam Sweaters. With the Hogeschool van Amsterdam Sweaters the company hopes to create sweaters that people would wear when they are proud to be a member from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. A lot of students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam are from another country, this makes it even more special if they can show their sweater to family and friends back home. The whole team from Share-a-T is convinced that the sweaters will be a reminder of a great time on the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Besides the Hogeschool van Amsterdam sweaters, the team is very glad to start a project in cooperation with charity. The company is going to organize a fun-day for children and young adult that are mentally or physically challenged. The idea is to let everyone on the fun-day make the most beautiful drawings which the company is going to use by printing the drawings on t-shirts for example. By selling these ‘charity’ shirts, the company hopes to make a profit, which would be partially donated to charity itself, in the form of money or maybe in the form of shirts, this is something that still needs to be decided. Team Share-a-T believes that these products have a lot of value, not only in money, but also emotionally.

With Kind Regards,

Executive Summary

As the name already gives an impression of what this company is about, more will become clear about it in the business Plan. The main target is to create design together with giving value to charity. As the team’s plan is to work together with people of all ages, dealing with mental or physical disabilities, Share-a-T is giving them back something. This can be either money-wise as well as the actual shirts which are going to manufactured. A fun-day will be organised on which the aim will be to create an unforgettable experience for the participants. In a return to this, the team will give them the opportunity to make designs, from which the best ones will be printed on t-shirts. The company’s plan is to start selling t-shirts upcomming spring. In march, the first products have to be available to be for sale. This goes together with the fun-day, which will be planned in february. In december, two representatives from Share-a-T will have the first conversation with the organization which indicated to be interested in participating the fun-day. This organization is called ‘Bart de Graaff Foundation’. After the team has choosen for one or multiple designs to be printed, the production can start. The company the products will be ordered from, the internet webshop, is able to deliver the t-shirts within two weeks. As this planning goes together well with the introduction of a new season, spring, t-shirts will be more in favor. Charity is a big issue in modern Holland, and this project is seen by the...
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