Business Plan Report

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Business Plan Report Format:

Executive Summary

Business Background

The Organization


As a game company, the Fredom United stand as one in the quest to produce the best products and provide the best services available. We are committed to bring customers only products of the best quality and treat the customers with respect, attention and care. Freedom United believe it to be Justice to value our customer's for it is their response which will allow the company to constantly improve our products and provide better service.


The Product

About the Product

Game Applications in the Android OS

Games Genre will be ACTION/ADVENTURE because this is the most profitable genre or the genre which has the most downloads/game

Acquisition Process

(if acquisition process is how to create product) then below

Android Application, uses an ANDROID open-source program to code

(ECLIPSE juno etc)

Through rigorous programming and debugging, create game.


(if acquisition proces is how to sell product)

register with Android market for a fee, upload game


Sample Interface

No real game yet haha

Sample Computation of Additional Revenue

Marketing Plan

//powerpoint ni joca

Marketing Analysis

powerpoint ni joca

Market Penetration


Conference and Website


3 methods

1. do nothing, hope your app is downloaded because it is already good

2. hire advertiser: uses lots of money

Your best bet initially would be to find a reputable person in an area close to you so you can actually meet them. While electronic communication is a remarkable tool, there is nothing that will establish rapport faster than a face-to-face.

option 1: use facebook ads: there is a fee

better reach of target audience

fee depending on clicks etc

Be the advertiser:

ask for a review of the app(high...
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