Business Plan of a Tea Bag

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Business Plan



Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

Business Plan



Three in One Tea Bag

Prepared For:

Mr. Shihub Bin Hossain
School of Business

Prepared By:

Tahia Nawar ID#
Ayesha ParvenID#
Sharmin Rahman ID# Afrina Islam ID#

Course Title: Entrepreneurship Development
Course No: BBA 32
Date of Submission: 15 January 2012

Executive Summary

TEA HOUSE a start-up company owns by four partners namely Tahia Nawar, Ayesha Parven, Sharmin Rahman and Afrina Islam where each owns 25% of the company. The company is introducing country’s first Instant Milk Tea name Three in One Tea Bag. It’s a blessing for the people who takes tea several times in a day and who works late in night. They will get a perfectly blended Milk Tea with perfect taste and quality only by adding hot water. The company starts its first product in the market with their tag line Refresh your life. They are using processed tea powder from the countries local tea market, sugar is also coming from local market; powdered milk is coming from China. Main capitals used in producing the Tea Bags are Filter Paper and Tea Bag making machine which are also imported from China the world’s largest Tea Equipment manufacturers. In Three in One Tea Bag company is using different types innovative labels like origami shaped, cartoon and different social networks logo shaped. Currently in the country there are some leading groups producing tea but no one is producing Instant Milk Tea. So Three in One Tea Bag can easily win the competition and lead the market because in this digitalized life people need less time consuming product. Company estimates the price of each tea bag TK 3.2 where they will launch four types of boxes containing 5, 15, 25 and 50 tea bags which will cost TK 16, TK 48, TK 80 and TK 160 respectively. Company has targeted young generation and office going people as their target market and they will use Radio, Internet, and Sponsorship as their media of advertising. Company has estimated its sales quantity 700000 tea bags for the year which can generate their profit. They have counted their project of 5 years. Company assumed their net income for the year TK 105000 and they have total asset of TK 1250000 and a loan of TK 500000. TEA HOUSE has a positive NPV so they can start the business.

So come let’s taste the Three in One and make your life refreshing with TEA HOUSE.

Table of Content

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