Business Plan of a Pet Shop

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Business Plan

With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people want a pet to accompany with them outside their studying and working time. Therefore the number of people who have a dog is increased, and the needs of dog are raised significantly. The economy about pets is paid attention by people. Not only concerned about what they eat, but also about where they live and what kinds of cloth they wear. It becomes a potential marketing in our daily life.

There are different kinds of pet kennels, and open variety projects such as pet grooming, pet washing and cutting, pet medical treatment service and so on. Because pets are concerned by people, they will pay more money on pets than before. Nowadays, more and more businessmen pay attention on the new industries.

This essay attempts to assess a plan about how to open a pet kennel, and this plan whether or not make profit in the future. The main arguments for considering ten factors about open a pet kennel, followed by some projects in first month, and then showing some data in the kennel’s income statement and the balance sheet at the end of the first month of operations, including the decisions about whether or not to continue the operation.

1. Ten factors for establishing the business.

• Capital
Opening this pet shop needs approximately 400,000 RMB. And half capital is from my own bank account, the other half will borrow from friends. After six month he will be returned another 6000RMB for interest. If the money loans from bank, the business will pay 5.6% interest. So the liabilities that borrow from bank will spend more money than that from friend. Borrowing from friends is good for the business. This financing way is convenient, cheap and effective.

• Place
Good place makes good profit. The pet kennel should open at where has a plenty of residents who are rich. And it has a suitable rent that about 7,000RMB every month. Near the shop should have good communications, therefore it is easy to move dogs.

• Price(services for dogs)
Compared with other pet shops that to bath a dog will take 50RMB one time, the business will increase the price to 80RMB. And other services will receive extra money.

• Consumer
The people who always attend to the shop are inhabitants and live not near. Not only old people have dog for pets, but also the family which has one child. The main consumer is the person who wants to give their dog a good quality about dog’s life, and which has enough money spend on it.

• Machine
There are different kinds of machine about bathing a dog. Good ones will be chosen. From choosing, pet shop needs three puppy bath tables, four hair dryers, two water blowing machines, one drying baker, two tables for hairdressing, some tools for dressing pets and some other necessary things for bath dog and dress dog. The total cost comes out 60,000RMB.The machines will keep working in three years.

• Food and washing agent
Particular food for dogs can make them happy and their bodies will be strong. The business will supply foods, clothes and toys to dogs and the people can make their pets happily and lovely. Meanwhile, there have some especial washing agent for dogs. It takes the business 20,000RMB to buy these things.

• Dogs(quantity and kind)

The pet shop will purchase ten Mexican Hairless. Because the Mexican Hairless is a kind of particular dogs, it will more expensive than others. The business paid 30,000RMB on these dogs.

• Transports
When the dogs come to the shop will rent a bus, and it will cost 500RMB.

• Staff salary
The shop needs one manager to manage these dogs, and three assistant that give the dog a bath. The salary of manager is 2,600RMB one month, and that is 1,800RMB every assistant for the month.

• Competitors
Near the shop may not have other pet shops, or have one or two competitors.

2. Thirteen transactions that operate the business in the first...
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