Business Plan of Helicopter Ambulance Service

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Diploma in Management
(Health Services)

By 2020, 24/7 Stat Ambulance Services will be New Zealand’s leading provider of helicopter ambulance providers offering top class services to all of New Zealand.

Our mission is to provide the ultimate quality of immediate pre-hospital care and emergency and non emergency transport services via our helicopters with high regards to compassion, commitment and competence to the whole New Zealand population.

1. To uphold high standards of competency among health team members without forgetting compassion and sensitivity to the needs, emotions and culture of the patients and their loved ones 2. To provide individually-tailored pre-hospital care regardless of but with utmost consideration for race, gender, age, social status and educational background 3. To promote integrity and respect for human dignity not only of patients but to all employees as well 4. To ensure that all patients and/or relatives are considered partners in care which means having a share in the decision-making and encourage participation in providing care 5. To be ready to deliver services to anyone, anywhere, 24hours a day, 7 days a week


1. A. Sole Trader
As a sole trader the individual fully or solely owns the business. The business is usually small in size particularly in the sales generated and in the number of staff employed. Being a sole trader has a number of advantages. One of the advantages of it would be the ease in starting it up. You don’t have to consult other people on how you will start the business, when to start or stop it, the changes that you would want your business to undergo and those kinds of critical decisions. It also has almost no legal formalities like contracts with other people. It is also not requirement for it to be registered. The secrets within the business do not have to go out since you are the only one involved in planning and strategizing. However it also has its disadvantages. Though the profit is not shared, liabilities are not shared as well. The business owner will carry all the loss of the business on his shoulder. Also, investing on the growth of the business is difficult. Doing this will require a huge amount of capital. Lastly, sole traders are hugely affected by larger organizations. Sole proprietorship hardly copes with the demand and supply of the market because they do not have enough money to buy more equipment, increase its productions, adopt new technology and develop new ideas.

B. Partnership
For a partnership to exist there must be a contract or an agreement between at least two people. Because of the presence of contracts or agreements, it must be lawful and abide by laws of the government and the Companies Act. There is also sharing of profits and losses. This means that even if the income generated must be split among partners, the loss does not have be a burden to only one person. So the liabilities are not as heavy as that of a sole trader. Shares also can be shared. However, the most important aspect of any partnership is faith and trust amongst partners. Without this, even the business is doing great, the business will definitely close. Like previously mentioned, it should be between people agreeing on certain guidelines.

C. Limited Liability
In limited liability, shareholders are not liable for debts of the company that they own shares in. They are a separate entity from the owners of the business. Unlike partnership, the company or the business may continue its existence irrespective of the existence of partners. This is called perpetual succession. Whether the owner of the business dies or the transfer of the shares to a new entity it will live on. It also operates on the basis of agreement and terms. With its complexities, it is definitely the most difficult to set-up because of legal and financial matters....
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